The upcoming album that is yet to be released of which I’ve recently stated would have been released this month then postponed is still coming sometime soon in the future. Here is a teaser album cover artwork photo I’ve compiled on my own to be used for the advertisement of the music album I’ve worked on diligently for the last year or more.

Artist: Argiletonne
Album Title: Standalone Crowd
Copyright: © 2018 Clayton Levi Brown
EAN/UPC: 0-663387999741
Copyright Registration #: 1-6194859401
BMI Registration #: 00616731061



“This music will be worth the wait for all pure electronic music enthusiasts.”



Hi Fox Dr Platform Single Release Color Band Red W




Historically albums had different versions for their home country and foreign countries. I would like to do the same thing but with online distribution I’m not sure how that’s possible. I do plan to make authentic compact discs and if you want one of those with the physical artwork that matches the country you are living in based on my artwork variations that can be possible.



I’m still working on the artwork and with less time finding it troubling to get something I like. The music is complete. Waiting to see how I want to put the whole project together and giving myself enough time not to feel like I rushed things and regret it later. Will be postponing my release of new music until further notice. Most likely in the coming months not now and not march. Trying not to affiliate myself with leprechaun day and other conspiracy type theories going on in my mind right now. It’s hard to pick a definite day at this time. I would release a single to tease the audio and sound but that would mean I had the money to blow on a single which I don’t so I won’t be doing that. I know the release won’t mean much to anyone or anyone at all so I figure if I’m going to let the public hear my music it might as well be on my own terms and in a time frame that works for me. I’d let you hear a teaser track but that would give you too many clues into the work I’ve been doing and I’m not into teasing ideas only to see a lot of people rob me of my style a month before I release the music. If you want to hear something ripping off underground style you can listen to mainstream radio.

Hi Fox Dr Single Font Gray American Version


I am offering a pre-online music distribution music offer for anyone that wants to get the music first in physical cd form before the music goes online to all the major online retailers. If you are interested and not 100% on the offer contact me and I will send you a single from my new album for free as a sample for you to decide on whether you want to purchase the shipping cost to ship the cd to you.

I am going to make an attempt to send physical cd’s of my music to anyone that likes my music and would like one. In order to collect information for this you will need to contact me personally at my business email address to exchange information ( You will have to pay the shipping of the disc and the shipping costs will vary depending on where you live. Anywhere in the world that wants my music and wants to pay for the shipping to get the physical cd is welcome to contact me.

The shipment of the disc will happen within a few days of transfer of money to my paypal account. I look forward to finding a new way to connect with people who like my music.


Loop Sound Sample Workshop Elixirs 2012-2016; Audio Sample Pack $20


Click the Elixirs link to go to the bandcamp page where you can preview the audio and listen to the various pre contained ideas to find if you may feel like you would want to experiment with the ideas I have formed.

For use with audio sample music players such as dj hardware, akai mpc, digitakt, and various other types of sample audio manipulation and creation devices. If you like electronic music and deeper styles of dance music then these samples may be for you.



2017 Music Release, Album Title Unknown

New music should be coming sometime in the future. I would be closer to completely finishing but had a few set backs, problems with gear specifically, but now the gear is fixed through warranty repair and I should be back on track to recording all the music I’ve been working on. Once that’s all done, finding time to do this of course, then I will schedule the time to hopefully get this product ready for release. I’d expect more songs on this album then usual and you can expect the product to be more of a natural minimalistic feel with less of the snazzy automation you might hear from other people. Each time I make new music I think about how I can surprise people so they don’t get bored from hearing me make the same thing as before. This time around I’ve got new gear to work with so you can expect the sound quality to be different than before. Here is some artwork I’ve begun working on to potentially coincide with the music release.

ClaytonLeviBrown Album Artwork GreenGold

artwork by © Clayton 03/27/2017