Artist: Argiletonne
Album: Standalone Crowd
Year: 2018
Copyright Registration #: SRu-1-318-091
EAN/UPC #: 0-663387999741 
BMI Registration #: 00616731061

This album is real, it’s been recorded and I debated with myself whether the quality of relevant to what I wanted to release. I explored different ways to record than I’ve been previously experienced in and after being done with my work my feelings were mixed about whether the recordings lived up to my expectations. This album is still coming.

Track 1: …USVEC1830709
Track 2: …USVEC1830710
Track 3: …USVEC1830711
Track 4: …USVEC1830712
Track 5: …USVEC1830713
Track 6: …USVEC1830715
Track 7: …USVEC1830716
Track 8: …USVEC1830717
Track 9: …USVEC1830718
Track 10: …USVEC1830720
Track 11: …USVEC1830721
Track 12: …USVEC1830722
Track 13: …USVEC1830723
Track 14: …USVEC1830724
Track 15: …USVEC1830725
Track 16: …USVEC1830726
Track 17: ..USVEC1830727

I get the sense people do not respond well to my creative music decisions. Perhaps my music expression does not fit into every persons reality but should that really matter because it’s not what you think that should drive my creative expression.

Don’t judge a person by their image.

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Clayton Brown

I try to give myself the competitive edge even when I know I'm going to lose. Music is never a competition to me and the people who make music a competition are the kind of people who have bad taste in music to begin with anyway.

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