2017 Music Release, Album Title Unknown

New music should be coming sometime in the future. I would be closer to completely finishing but had a few set backs, problems with gear specifically, but now the gear is fixed through warranty repair and I should be back on track to recording all the music I’ve been working on. Once that’s all done, finding time to do this of course, then I will schedule the time to hopefully get this product ready for release. I’d expect more songs on this album then usual and you can expect the product to be more of a natural minimalistic feel with less of the snazzy automation you might hear from other people. Each time I make new music I think about how I can surprise people so they don’t get bored from hearing me make the same thing as before. This time around I’ve got new gear to work with so you can expect the sound quality to be different than before. Here is some artwork I’ve begun working on to potentially coincide with the music release.

ClaytonLeviBrown Album Artwork GreenGold

artwork by © Clayton 03/27/2017


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