Artist: Argiletonne
Album: Standalone Crowd
Year: 2018
Copyright Registration #: SRu-1-318-091
EAN/UPC #: 0-663387999741 
BMI Registration #: 00616731061


Track 1: Hi Fox Dr
Track 2: …
Track 3: …
Track 4: …
Track 5: …
Track 6: …
Track 7: …
Track 8: …
Track 9: …
Track 10: …
Track 11: …
Track 12: …
Track 13: …
Track 14: error interlude
Track 15: …
Track 16: …
Track 17: …



The upcoming album that is yet to be released. Artwork not sure.

Artist: Argiletonne
Album Title: Standalone Crowd
Copyright: © 2018 Clayton Levi Brown
EAN/UPC #: 0-663387999741
Copyright Registration #: SRu-1-318-091
BMI Registration #: 00616731061



“This music will be worth the wait for all pure electronic music enthusiasts.”


SACL Crowd Layer2 by CLB 2018






“Nameless In Your Faces” written by Argiletonne


Screenplay Table Of Contents/Dates of online publication & release:

pg. 1…………………………………………Author Title Page

pg. 2…………………………………………Table Of Contents

pg. 3…………………………………………Character List

pgs. 4 – 12……………………………………I – The Way Life Use To Be For Us To Them (3/7/2018)

pgs. 13 – 21………………………………….II – Present Day Challenges We Face (3/15/2018)

pgs. 22 – 33………………………………….III – Experience Unseen In The Eyes of The Beholder                                                                                                        (3/21/2018)

pgs. 34 – 41………………………………….Intermission – The curtain falls asleep (3/27/2018)

pgs. 42 – 56………………………………….IV – Distraction Makes Good Use of Time (4/4/2018)

pgs. 57 – 70………………………………….V – We Never Saw This Coming (4/12/2018)

Main Characters:


Noble…………………………….Lead Male Character

Bright…………………………….Lead Female Character

Joans……………………………..Band mate of Male Lead

Dove……………………………..Band mate of Male Lead


Additional Characters:


Cassi…………………………..Local producer

Ali……………………………..Daughter of Noble & Bright

Carly…………………………..Supporting Role Friend #1 of Female Lead

Fish…………………………….Bartender/ Club Owner


Bluma…………………………House guest #1 (Coffee Shop Owner)

Sam(antha)………………….House guest #2 (Friend of a friend)

Lorraine………………………Friend #1’s Girlfriend (model)

Phillip Filardo……………..The Italian Cafe Singer

The Grieving Spooful…..British-esque rock group

Cream, Sugar, etc…………Phillips’ Fascist beat scene followers

Fairagin………………………Female lead’s mother

Mint……………………………Female lead’s Sister

Greg…………………………..Maintenance/landscape guy

Abe 1 & 2…………………..Paprazzi Camera person #1 & #2

Dac, Daw…………………..Followers and friends of the band

Harold……………………….News Anchor

*dj claasstone……………..My cameo role – one line

“noname”……………………Label Exec “Treble Rock Records”




(Storyline narrative can be found in parenthesis throughout the script between dialogue. These segments of the story are not spoken narrative.)




Fehenadol, Clearingwash is the name of the city and state where Noble’s character is, lives, from.

The city Bright goes to see her sister and mother is named il Duangelus.


Int.                                                          I … The Way Life Use To Be For Us To Them

(The starting scene is set in a rundown neighborhood somewhere in the pacific northwest, two kids are hanging out in their garage on a couch, one of them is holding a bass and plucking some notes, the kid playing the bass is tall. The boy sitting on the couch is small with blondish hair. He’s making out with a girl, when his mother opens the garage door to find the boys inside hanging out when they should be at school.)

Noble’s Mother: (bewildered tone)

(honks horn) What are you doing here? You boys are suppose to be at school.

Noble: (lying tone)

My teacher gave us permission to go home early.

Noble’s Mother: (vicious tone)

I’m not like one of your little friends, you can’t fool me with your pretentious make believe stories Noble. Get your ass inside the house. Joans, go home, I’m sure your mother will also be very happy to see you’re skipping school.

Joans: (symptom tone)

We weren’t bothering anybody I swear, sorry.

Noble: (sidewinder tone)

I think you should probably go (referring to the girl), I’ll call you later,…(quietly) after she gets drunk and passes out.

Noble’s Mother: (asthmatic tone)

Nice to meet you, whoever you are, Bye. You need to get your school work done and stop messing around with that music, I knew it was a bad idea to let you have that guitar.

Noble: (framed tone)

No it wasn’t, this guitar is what matters to me now, not all those lessons and those books. My teachers keep teaching about shakesarrow and dead presidents, History lessons that I don’t need to learn…

Joans: (green tone)

I guess I better take this (bass guitar) with me, later Noble..

Noble’s Mom: (absurd tone)

Leave it alone, you can finish some other time.

(Noble is laying on his bed and thinking about his future. He grabs a notebook and starts writing down some lyrics onto the paper. On his paper he writes goals about where he wants to be and what he wants to do.)

(We time lapse forward a few years out of high school and are found inside a dingy club bar with a few people in it, Noble and Joans are playing some music backed by a random drummer. After the show a guy approaches the teens.)

Black Tagino: (friendly tone)

Your music is really well developed for teenagers. I’m surprised, most kids are just copying the people on the TV most of the time.

Noble: (honest tone)

I guess if you have TV it’s easier to copy what’s on it. Who are you and why do you care?


Black Tagino: (intrusive tone)

I’m a music producer, I’ve got a small studio with a few microphones. Would you be interested in making a demo of your songs? I need to build a portfolio for school and they tell us the best way to do that is to find people you want to record. I like your sound, it’s really emotionally heavy but I like it.


Joans: (pleading tone)

What’s in it for us?


Noble: (scratchy tone)

We don’t have anything better to do, that’s Joans. I’m Noble.


Black Tagino: (business tone)

Nice to meet you guys my name is Tagino. I use to play music a lot too but I guess I wanted to be a producer more because it enabled me to be around the music I love without doing all the playing. Let me give you directions to my studio Biased Recording and I’ll give you my number. We’ll work around your schedule, there’s no rush, good music takes time, okay. I want to make sure we get everything the way you want it to sound. It’s not about me it’s about you.


Joans: (blaring tone)

We didn’t ask for your help. How do we know we can trust you?


Black Tagino: (bothered tone)

I think you are giving yourself too much credit. Does your friend always respond to everything with a question? Give me a chance.


Noble: (guttural tone)

You seem cool, alright, we’ll do it, so like are you going to do this for free; or what?


Black Tagino: (inviting tone)

How about I base my price on what you can afford, we’ll talk about it after we record the first song. How does that sound?


Joans: (poignant tone)

Okay so we do one song for free.


Black Tagino: (cordial tone)

Sure, I guess that’s okay. That’s what I said didn’t I. If you like what you hear, we’ll talk prices and maybe record an ep that you can use to sell at other shows like this one. That’s how all the merchandise is sold. You need something to give to people after the show, that way they don’t forget what you sound like.


(We see some few short scenes of the guys recording in the studio. They are seen listening to a demo, they seem really pleased with the product and smile and shake hands like they have a deal. A few more snippets of cheap local shows are shown and some girls and boys are seen buying the demo tapes. After one of the shows a person buys a demo tape but instead of taking it home they take it to the radio station.)


Noble: (beaten tone)

We can’t keep playing these bars, we need to go on a real tour.


Joans: (agreeable tone)

It’s not possible. We don’t have the money.


Shade – past drummer: (definitive tone)

We need someone to back us, we need a record deal to do that.


Noble: (complacent tone)

Yes and no, we need their money to be our money. It would be our money if we were selling more records, but that costs more money too.


Joans: (defiant tone)

No we need a record deal, even if we do tour, how will anyone know to come to our show without seeing the label.


Noble: (inquisitive tone)

Maybe you’re right. Treble Rock Records is nearby, how do we get them to one of our shows?

Why don’t we vandalize their building and leave a note? Then they have to come to see us.


Shade – Past drummer: (resistant tone)

We’ll get arrested. I’m not doing it. NO way.


Joans: (emphatic tone)

What if we threw a brick through their window, all we’ll have to do is pay for the window.


Noble: (thoughtful tone)



Shade – Past drummer: (insistent tone)

That might work because no one ever went to jail for breaking a window.


Noble: (confident tone)

What if we flatten all their tires in the parking lot and leave flyers to our show on their windshields with a note that reads, “Need some air, come see Sukha.”


Joans: (reassured tone)

That’s a good idea and they can’t even prove it was us that flattened their tires.


Noble: (laughable tone)

They’ll know it’s us, because when they walk in the room we’ll tell them it was us.


Joans: (helpful tone)

How will we know when they walk in?


Shade – Past drummer: (dull tone)

They’ll be pissed off you big dummy.


Noble: (cataloged tone)

We have to do something because that letter I sent them with a bunch of ants inside must’ve gotten thrown away.


(The story moves forward beyond the time during their rise to success and work through three records, they’ve acquired a new drummer during the phase between the first and second record and the second record is certified platinum leaving them one of the most successful rock bands in history.)


(A woman in a business suit in a fancy hotel sits at the bar gawking and pointing at Noble and his wife while they are wasted on drugs and booze)


Business woman: (hushed voice)

Do you see what they’re doing over there?


Bartender: (firm tone)

Are you here to get a drink; because I know them but I don’t know you.


Girl,… (Loud & direct)

I just thought that stuff was illegal.


Bright: (Sonorous tone)

Hey Noble! I think we’ve got some company over there.


Noble: (irritated)

Are you being serious right now.


Bright: (reassured tone)



Noble: (mocking tone)

Oh wait, I’ve always got time for new friends ya let’s make some new friends. She looks like one of those record label executives that wouldn’t give us any damn money!


Bright: (Laughing tone)

Ya! Hahaahaha


Dove: (surprised tone)

What’s your deal “No” I haven’t seen you in a long time; is this where you spend most of your time now, a hotel?



Dove: (clear tone)

We could get together sometime you know I’ve got some good ideas I’ve been working on and we haven’t gone on tour in a year now, Don’t you think it’s time we get working again, I practically spent all the money I made last year already.


Bright: (slurred tone)

All you ever do is spend money Dove.


Noble: (blurred tone)

I can speak for myself, but she’s right.


Bartender: (suggestive tone)

Do you even know who that is?


Girl: (ignored tone):

Why should I care if you care that there’s someone really important here, is that what you were going to say, that person is really something special because I’ve never seen them before.


Bartender: (ass kisser vibe)

His record was in the top 10 albums of last year for record sales. And you must be living under a rock somewhere. I can see you don’t care.

Girl: (irritated tone)

Well if you took as much care as he does for his music with your drinks maybe this bar would have a lot more customers coming in here instead of across the street.


Bartender: (cool tone)

If my bar was one like the one across the street he wouldn’t come around anymore and I wouldn’t want to work here because that place bites.


Dove: (ignorant tone)

(to the girl at the bar)

You know I’m moving in a whole new direction. I’ve got plans for the future, you want to go back to my place.


Girl: (upset tone)

Do I look like some stupid rock groupie?


Noble: (tight tone)

What time is it Fish?


Bartender “Fish”: (standard tone)

My clock says around 3:00 a little after


 (Bri & Noble push the doors of the bar open)


Dove: (anxious tone)

If you think you’d want to take me up on that offer,..just call me sometime or…


Noble: (sarcastic tone)

Aren’t you going in a new direction or something, where did you park?


Dove: (cool tone)

Over there.


Noble: (disappointed tone)

Looks like we’re just headed in different directions.


Bright: (serious tone)

Wait here, I’m going to go get the car.


(Bright driving in the car with Noble in the passenger seat)


 Bright: (optimistic tone)

We should listen to this new record that I got from some friends, it’s in my purse. I can’t reach it, can you?


Noble: (cheesy tone)

(Rifles through purse) Oh look at this, this is a pretty shade of lipstick.


Bright: (panicked tone)

Oh come on Noble, I just got that don’t ruin it, pleease.


Noble: (playful voice)

Whatever, I’m just messing with you, you need to cool down.


(Grabs CD from purse and inserts into CD player)


Bright: (honest tone)

I met this guy while I was on vacation at my mom’s house and he thought my band could be marketable with a little work. He was willing to help us if we had the time. I said next time I visit we’ll be in contact.


Noble: (secretive tone)

You know Dove wants to be a front man. That’s why we haven’t been getting along. He wanted to sing a song on the next record.


Bright: (careless tone)

Your suppressing him. Let him do it. Maybe people will like him.


Noble: (disappointed tone)

He’s tired of backing me up. He thinks his ideas are better and that my music is too emotional. He called the new songs depressing to listen to after previewing the tape I gave him.


Bright: (quote tone)

‘Under a lamplight where the only shade is overhead. You find yourself hidden by a curtain that protects you from the rest of the world.’  A famous poet said that once. It means stop holding other people back because of your own fears.


(Car pulls into driveway)


Bright: (extroverted tone)

Joans! What are you doing here? We’ve been drinking in the hotel in the city, Noble’s friend Fish works there.


Joans: (careful tone)

I just got back into town. I wanted to see you both. Thought you’d,…he’d have the time to chill for awhile.


Noble: (memorized tone)

My spare key hasn’t changed since I moved in, it’s in the same spot, you could have gone inside while you were waiting. Your one of the few people I still trust after all this time living in the spotlight.


Joans: (chipper tone)

Your house was like my home and my dad never came around. I’ve been living all over and it’s not the same feeling as when you’re home. And, I forgot or figured times change people change so I never bothered looking for the key.


Noble: (normal tone)

Sometimes Bright locks me out of the house and I use it to get back in once her temper has calmed down and she’s gone to sleep that way I can sneak in.


Bright: (spoken under breath)

I should really take that hiding spot key away from you one of these days.


Noble: (funny tone)

I left the key in my sweater pocket once when she locked me out except my sweater was inside the house; I had to spend the night in the greenhouse, that room is a maintenance storage facility but they look the same. Same look different purposes.



Joans: (serious tone)

Can we talk? Maybe inside.


Bright: (put-off tone)

Do you,…boys, want something to drink or just you, Joans. I’ll get some water for you Noble.


Joans: (confused tone)

uh, what do you have? sorry. okay.


Bright: (awake tone)

Okay I’ll get you something, give me a second.


(Bright on the phone with someone in the kitchen)


For the last time I’m busy right now and it’s not a good time for,…

I’m,. . . if you think you’re going to,… your way, here?! Right now is not good. I feel the same way. Igottago.


Joans: (business tone)

It’s a really good deal, Cliff says the dates will go through the summer and everything will be taken care of…


Bright: (acting tone)

Here’s your coffee. The beans are imported. We can afford stuff like this now.


Joans: (cunning tone)

Well you know I’m a phone call away so just think about it and if you make a decision, I think it’s the best for all of us, we’ll make a lot of money, And,…


Bright: (braggadocios tone)

We already have a lot of money. Din n’t you know Noble gets paid each time they need a story from him. You guys are selling lots of records too. 


Noble: (excused tone)

Not at the rate your spending.,…

…Let me think about it, I’m not sure if I’m stable enough yet. Give me a couple of weeks.


Joans: (careful tone)

I’ll see myself out, I know where the door is so, we’ve talked and let’s be professional about this, we’re not kids anymore Noble, but I can’t stay I’ve been waiting outside for you for a few hours now and I’m late to see my girlfriend Lorraine, she’s in town. Maybe you can meet her sometime.


Bright: (serious tone)

I’m sure you know those guys are getting anxious about the thought of not getting to go on tour anymore. With another passed by you guys wouldn’t be putting anything together and spending all this time apart taking trips and making excuses for not working you know they are going to start to do their own thing without you; your friends have to make money just like everybody else.


Noble: (angry tone)

Where’s my stuff Bright? I had some stuff over here in this room, where did you put my stuff?


Bright: (playful tone)

I put most of it in the greenhouse building.


Noble: (lecturing tone)

Why would you do that? What if someone comes on our property, they’ll be able to see everything  through the glass. What if someone tries to break in and steal my gear? Did you even think about that. Do you know how much some of those instruments are worth?


Bright: (shying tone)

I just wanted a little space and your always playing your music all the time.


Noble: (rant tone)

You have so much space in this house you’re being so extreme.


(Noble walks out to the greenhouse building)


Noble: (rough tone)

How many times do I have to tell you I make the money this is my house I’m going to have my gear in the house.


(Inside a car with some girls driving to visit the Noble house found in a more remote part of the city away from the main suburban neighborhoods.)


Bluma: (curious tone)

You sure you know them or have you even been to their place because it feels like we’ve been driving forever.


Carly: (gullible tone)

You have issues you know that and what does it matter you’re in the car with me right now aren’t you so what does it matter and even if I didn’t what difference does it make, (nice sweet tone) oh we’re here.


Bluma: (anxious tone)

Is that him?


Carly: (surprised tone)

O ya, hey look he’s outside doing something, we won’t even have to knock on the door.


Bluma: (cautious tone)

How do I look? I should have worn a different shirt, or maybe, I’m nervous. (utters to self) “don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous”


Carly: (uptight tone)

The car has enough gas to get back, this car is a mess. Do you have any money?


Bluma: (judgmental tone)

You need to get a job Carly. And your family is wealthy; your dad does some glorious job and you have this car. Should you really be asking us for money?


Carly: (discerning tone)

If Bright wants to go out, we might need some money, I’ll pay you back if we do, of course. My dad doesn’t give me that much of an allowance.


Samantha “Sam”: (awakening tone)

My legs feel like they’re going to fall off if I don’t stand up so if the two of you would kindly move so that I can get out of this car.


Carly: (polite tone)

Almost forgot you were back there being so quiet all the time.


Bluma: (snobbish tone)

What planet do you come from Sam, where did your parents find you?


Samantha: (arrogant tone)

You know Blumie, where the lakes are vast and thirst is plentiful.


(The girls find their way inside through the front door after Bright lets them in.)


Bright: (demonstrative tone)

Welcome to our new home.

Noble and I barely have anything in the house at the moment. It’s like bare bones in here. We hope to fill some of the space when the right pieces of furniture come along.

(walking through the home)

We do have a couch though, you have to have one of those right.

…the TV doesn’t work except to get basic cable channels.


Carly: (perform tone)

Great to see you and thanks so much for inviting us and we are really grateful because a lot of times people grow distant from their friends, it’s so great you wanted to get together.


Sam, Bluma: (unison tone)

Really great.


Noble: (introductory tone)

You must be Sam and you are Bluma.


Sam: (joking tone)

Actually I’m Samantha, she’s Bluma.


Noble: (confused tone)

Isn’t that what I said.


Bright: (guile tone)

These are the girls that were so excited to meet you they just had to be here or they would die, and of course Carly you know Noble.


Carly: (sensitive tone)

Hey. How have you even been doing lately? I saw the news. I’ve seen news, about you.


Noble: (personalized tone)

All we’ve got is cigarettes and booze, just like mom said, don’t bother with her she’ll just ask for money. Dad only gets angry if you try talking to him, so we don’t do that anymore.


Carly: (excited tone)

Where’s your baby, is she upstairs asleep.


Bright: (indifferent tone)
She’s not here. I left her at my mother’s.


Noble: (honest tone)

That’s because she’s a bad mother, too selfish to take care of anybody but herself.


Bright: (sarcastic tone)

Speak for yourself Noble, you’re not doing anything either.


Samantha, Bluma: (deceptive tone)

We’re going to take a look around or use the bathroom to freshen up, I’m going to grab a drink if that’s okay, you seem like you might need a few more minutes to yourselves.


Noble: (flipped tone)

I’m only kidding. She knows I’m kidding, but sometimes when she doesn’t she tries to kill me. Did you see that news story about my drug overdose? That was her fault. She’s the one who pumped all that shit into me.


Bright: (excused tone)

Like I said there’s nothing really in the house yet we still have to move the stuff from the old place over here.


II…Present Day Challenges We Face

(Waking up from a night out with the friends that came to visit Noble and Bright in their new house.)

Noble: (sickly tone)

I’m not very hungry, I’ll be playing music if I can find my guitar.

Bright: (shocked tone)

Well I’m hungry, I’m going to make breakfast. Maybe you should check to see if those girls are awake yet, if they are we could go to a diner to eat.

Noble: (Loudly tone)

I’m already on my way outside. You do it.

Bright: (breathy tone)

I’m already outside.

Bluma, Samantha, Carly: (wakeful tone ~ varies)

I’m sooo hungry, Oh you don’t have any oats, Do you have any skim milk or coffee?

Bright: (forgiving tone)

Uh, you’ll just have to figure it out because we don’t have very many people stay over lately.

I’m was going to have cereal, should we go to a diner?

Bluma, Sam, Carly: (3-headed monster tone)

what kind do you have? I hate cereal. It’s not so bad.

Noble: (upset tone)

Where’s my stuff! You said my stuff was in the backyard yesterday, I checked last night like you said and that’s where my stuff was, now it’s not in there and the door is ajar, the wasn’t even locked Bright.

Bright: (unsurprised tone)

I’ve been with you. Don’t blame me.

Bluma, Sam’tha, Carly: (silent tone)

(looks dumbfounded and silent)

Maintenance Guy: (polite tone)

Excuse me mr. noble but I just wanted to let you know I’m done with my work on your yard and house for today. I can come the same time next week. I needed the tools in the storage building and moved your stuff out of the way into the garage.

Bright: (careful tone)

See Noble, Greg, that’s his name, just moved the guitar into the garage, chill out. Don’t you trust anybody? I hope this isn’t how you acted on the road when the roadie moved your stuff after the show.

Noble: (mentoring tone)

My house (gives a look) I’ll be right back, come with me Greg.

Bright: (sarcastic tone)

That was weird.

Bluma, Sam, Carly: (obnoxious tone)

Tell me about. We were all here. I think I’d rather go to the diner.

Bright: (discussion tone)

Noble has a really short temper lately, it’s like anything he doesn’t know about before-hand causes this huge fight. Do you think he needs to see a doctor?

Bluma, Sam, Carly: (inquisitive tone)

Not necessarily, I mean maybe, I’m not a doctor so.

(Noble comes through the door dragging music gear into the house by the arm full.)

Bright: (entertaining tone)

Why don’t you just leave it there a minute and have some breakfast?!

Noble: (tired tone)

I wouldn’t be moving all my gear right now if you didn’t put my stuff out there in the first place.

Bright: (defensive tone)

So it’s my fault! Why are you always blaming me for everything. It’s not like it even matters you haven’t written any new songs in over a year.

Noble: (bragging tone)

Well when you have a hit record sitting on the charts who needs to write new material if the records are still selling.

Bright: (serious tone)

You turned down your band-mates to go on tour you know you’re not going to go on that tour they’re talking about. You already missed your chance.

Noble: (defensive tone)

You don’t know that. Purple Boyd is still touring his records and his first hit was in the 70’s. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to see him if he played here.

Bluma, Samantha, Carly: (preppy tone)

Awkward. Um Hello. we’re still in the room.  

Bright: (bitchy tone)

O grow up!

Bluma, Samantha, Carly: (mocking tone)

Maybe we’ve overstayed our welcome. Good time to go then. Then we can get some real breakfast.

(The girls leave on their own waving to their friend and ignoring Noble assuming he doesn’t really care anyway.)

Bright: (sweetly tone)

Come on, let’s go to bed, I could if you want to.

Noble: (distrustful tone)

Don’t touch me.

Bright: (upset tone)

What the hell Noble! (shoves him)

Noble: (upset tone)

That’s what happens when a person turns to drugs for all their answers, violence. What are you gay.

Bright: (accused tone)

Oh you’re one to talk.

Noble: (calm tone)

I’m not the one pushing people.

Noble: (unserious tone)

You weren’t in my bed last night. What were you doing all night?

Bright: (exclaimed tone)

We did drugs alright! We got high and talked. It was a girls night.

Noble: (judge tone)

And you wonder why I don’t want to work overtime to pay for your drugs and alcohol all the time. And how’s your rock band doing? Any hits.

Bright: (pissed off tone)

You can be a real cocky asshole sometimes you know that.

Noble: (usual tone)

This is getting old why don’t you just take care of yourself.

Bright: (added tone)

“No”, ….

Noble: (response tone)

(back turned) Huh?

Bright: (explanation tone)

That’s not what I meant, You need to go to the grocery store.

Noble: (shocked tone)


Bright: (whiny tone)

We need..

Noble: (casual tone)

Why don’t you go? you know what we need…

Bright: (voice break tone)

I went last time.

Noble: (dull tone)


Bright: (happy tone)

Go get some eggs and bacon and (looking in the fridge and pantry) veggies, chips, pretty much everything.

Noble: (self tone)

Okay, got it, everything from the store. I’m going to change first. I know you’re going to call your mother when I leave. Those across state phone calls aren’t cheap either.

Sam, Carly, Bluma: (friend tone)

Don’t you know it’s my car, I’m driving. Ya but I have the keys. Give me those. Shotgun!

Noble: (bedroom tone)

Joans, I’m headed into town, picking up groceries for madam druggers end, meet me in an hour, see if Cliff can make it so we can discuss more of all that stuff you were talking about the other day.

 (Bright messing around in the living room with the guitar for a minute, gets frustrated, moves all the instruments and gear into the storage building in the backyard. Noble returns after staying out all night too drunk to notice anything and passes out.)

(the next day)

Bright: (irritated tone)

Wake up, wake up! It’s like 2:00 in the afternoon. Where are the groceries?

Noble: (unresponsive tone)

They’re in the car.

Bright: (angry tone)

What about the perishables, did you leave those in the car too? Can’t you do anything. The milk will spoil.

Noble: (waking tone)

‘m not sure. can’t really remember for sure. If it was so important why did you wait until now to ask. Where have you been?

Bright: (ignorant tone)


(leaves for the car comes back with groceries)

I’m going to my mothers, to pick up your daughter, my mother said she can’t watch her anymore because she has things to do. Do you think you will be able to be a responsible adult and watch her when I bring her back?

Noble: (accusative tone)

I told you I didn’t want to get the groceries. What else do you want form me?

Bright: (hurried tone)

If you don’t hear from me while I’m there I don’t know when I’m going to be back. You decided to sleep in so late that,…I thought we could have lunch or do something before I leave but now I have to leave or my plane will leave without me. Let me guess you forgot I was leaving today.

Noble: (confused tone)

Then why did I get groceries if you’re not going to be here?

You look nice. See you next week?

(Taxi honks, Bright carries luggage outside and gets into a taxi leaving promptly.)

 (Noble goes to the living and doesn’t see his music gear. He charges into the kitchen and pulls the fridge door open then slams it shut. Opens some cabinets and drawers and slamming those shut as well. Then storms out the kitchen door to the backyard heading toward the shed and greenhouse. Tries to open the door but the door is locked and he doesn’t have the key. He runs back into the house and is looking all over the house for the keys. Sifting through his room and other rooms. Next checking his clothing pockets shirt pockets pants pockets jacket pockets bag. He doesn’t find the key.)

Greg: (quiet tone)


Noble: (hurried tone)

Greg, it’s Noble, did you leave the keys to my storage shed in the yard somewhere? I’m trying to get into there but it’s locked.

Greg: (memorable tone)

I might have left them on the workbench in the garage however I don’t think I did.

Noble: (rushed tone)

give me a second to check…

Greg: (worried tone)


Noble: (calm/quick tone)

Look Greg; I don’t see them in there… so, on second thought, I have to let you go I’ve got another call on the line. (click/beep)


Cliff: (cheerful tone)

Noble. Hey, sorry I couldn’t make it the other night, Joans implied you guys were getting together, it was such short notice, so…

Noble: (serious tone)

About that, everyone’s been telling me I’m procrastinating too much, it’s only been a year, it’s not like I fell off the face of the earth, they act like I haven’t done anything, the record…

Cliff: (business tone)

…In the coming year we could put you guys onto a 3 month schedule with four day weeks and stays off the bus. It’s a good deal but with that much work we’d have to hire extra roadies to get the job done, which gets expensive when you’re feeding that many people.

Noble: (pleasant tone)

My lady just left to get our daughter and see her mother and I’ve got free time. You should come on by, not today though, I’m busy.

Cliff: (wise tone)

Well your always working with such short notice I hope I’ll be able to actually speak with you and work out some more details. If we are serious and going to do this we can’t just slap two pieces of bread together with some peanut butter and jelly. I’m not eating the way we did on the first tour.

Noble: (laughing tone)

Good one, I have to take a leak, can you hang on?

(Noble puts down phone…then returns and Greg is no longer on the phone)

Noble: (restless tone)

sorry, thanks, what time should we meet?…(hears phone dead tone)…come on! (slams phone down)

(Noble standing there in the kitchen looking outside for a moment then gets an idea, runs into the entry way and opens a glass door and pulls out a gun. Takes the gun outside and uses the blunt side of the butt of the gun to smash one of the small panes of window glass. Reaches through the hole and opens the door to his gear inside. Spends the rest of the day playing and recording music. The story switches over to Bright, she’s arrived off the plane and is settled in her mother’s home.)

Fairagin: (motherly tone)

She’s sleeping, it’s so great to see you, you’re really here.

Bright: (childish tone)

This was only temporary Mom. Have you been good to my kid? Is she eating.. sleeping.. crying..etc. (Bright keeps ranting words until her mom cuts her off.)

Fairagin: (interupts)

Look, you’ve had a long trip from home and I’m sure you want something to eat or look just sit on the couch and relax for a minute there’s no rush we’ve got plenty of time to do all the catching up.

Bright: (distracted tone)

I’m not really hungry I’m going to go to a bar I’m meeting Mint, she says there’s a really great rock band that’s on the rise playing there tonight.

Fairagin: (thoughtful tone)

That’s just like you Bright to come into town and leave your responsibilities before you even get any. I wish I could live my life as reckless as you girls, and that man of yours, why isn’t he taking care of your daughter?

Bright: (excused tone)

That’s why I’m here Mom, I just want to say hello to Mint, I called her before I left and she suggested this not me, I’m just tagging along. Later mom.

(walking the street in the city Bright and Mint get confronted after a few drinks by a paparazzi guy that recognizes her.)

Mint: (softly tone)

O no, I think that camera guy across the street just recognized you. He’s coming over.

Abe: (shocked tone)

look, it’s Bright! How’s your husband doing with his band Sukha, do you two still sleep together?

Bright: (shouting tone)

Why can’t you guys get a real job instead of bugging people all the time sticking big cameras in their face?! How much do you get paid for that?

Abe “paparazzi”: (pompous tone)

You don’t live here, what’s going on, tell the people at home why we deserve the pleasure of your company in our little beach side resort town. Where’s Noble?

Bright: (bored tone)

He’s not here. I’m with my sister Mint.

Abe: (publicist tone)

Mint, smile for the camera.

Mint: (happy tone)


Bright: (negative tone)

He probably works for some gossip column trying to sell his footage. Just ignore him.

Mint: (positive tone)

Bye, camera guy.

Your probably sick of that, but I kind of liked it.

You’ve got to see this band I’ve been telling you about.

(Mint and Bright meet the band mint was talking about at the venue only to catch them as they are taking down their gear after the show has already finished.)

The Grieving Spoonful: (casual tone)

haha, ya nice to meet you two. So, you look familiar, everybody knows your face, ya like, we’ve seen you on the TV back home, unless you aren’t?

Bright: (assured tone)

My sister, Mint, she lives here, she’s the one that said I should come down here and listen to you guys, she said you were doing the world some justice by making real honest rock and roll.

Mint: (youthful tone)

It’s too bad we missed the show.

The Grieving Spoonful: (busy tone)

bummer, well, we’ve got a show next week same time, different venue though.

Mint: (apologetic tone)

She’s kind of only here for the week, but I’ll be here. I’ve already seen you, you’re great.

The Grieving Spooful: (british tone)

right, right. Of course, sure.

Bright: (mature tone)

Maybe do you want to grab a drink and sit down for a minute anyway Mint. I’m exhausted, I guess my plane delay was the cause of us missing their show, oh well.

Mint: (bright tone)

See ya later guys!

You know I think there’s a group that’s coming on after them tonight, maybe half an hour from now, we should stay, do you want to?

Bright: (normal tone)

Bartender, let me have a something American, a double. You getting anything? Who’s playing later tonight?

Mint: (agreeable tone)

I kind of like Irish whiskey lately but American is fine, if that’s what you’re getting.

Bright: (cool tone)

Get what you want, I’m paying. Get her a whiskey, something Irish. Do you have Irish?

Bartender #2: (nervous tone)

It’s like my first day on the job and I could probably check the bottles label there might be some information on there.

Bright: (straight-forward tone)

How long is this going to take? Can you just bring the shots over to our booth over there (points) when you figure this crisis of yours is solved.

Mint: (awkward tone)

Sorry, am I being trouble, it’s no trouble, I’ll just have what your having.

Bright: (optimistic tone)

You said we have an hour before the next band plays, (looks at bartender #3) you think he’ll have it all figured out by then? (joking)

(Time passes and the band setting up seems to cause Bright to take notice, namely the lead singer Phillip Filardo and he approaches Bright while her sister is using the restroom.)

Phillip Filardo: (introductive tone)

Excuse me, should I be over here right now, was I catching a vibe from you from over there. We’ve met before, I’d swear we have, I know your face.

Bright: (sarcastic tone)

What are you the vision police, policing the world of sight, interrogating me for looking at you.

Phillip Filardo: (nice tone)

My name is Phillip, do you have a name because you were in here when I got here? I’m with my band those guys over there are in my band. We’re going to play a few songs tonight.

Bright: (passive tone)

Do you work here, if you do you should tell that damn bartender his drinks are terrible.

 (mumbles to self) how the hell.

Phillip: (friendly tone)

My band The Italian Cafe, you should stay a little longer if you can. Maybe we can speak after the show, if you’re still here.

Bright: (inquisitive tone)

Why do they call you The Italian Cafe? You don’t even look Italian you have reddish hair.

Phillip: (empty tone)

It’s an alias mostly because I’ve got this local following with it and in the newspaper they reference me as a fascist beat scene due to our black clothes and names; coffee, sugar, cream, cafe terminology.

Bright: (playful tone)

That’s clever (sister walks into the conversation) Mint, Phillip here is up next on stage and his band name is The Italian Cafe, he thinks you’re hot and came over here to ask me if I could give him the ins and outs on you.

Phillip: (sorry tone)

I’m not trying to be rude to either of you and my intention is not to offend you, was Mint she said your name I think.

Mint: (confused tone)


Phillip: (apologetic tone)

My interest is more on,…your sister Mint. She reminds me of someone.

Mint: (naive tone)

We’re staying for the music.

(After the show Bright realizes she might still love Noble and she might still have feelings for him and his music. She is torn between what she has ahead of her and what she has behind her.)


III – Experience Unseen In The Eyes of The Beholder

Mint: (pathetic tone)
That music was really great and I’m surprised you like it too, you’re usually so picky about the kind of music you like. I thought you only liked your own band’s music and Noble’s.

Bright: (quiet tone)
He’s good, that’s attractive music. It was all so different then what I’m used to. I’ve been living in Noble’s depressing emotions for so long I guess I forgot what it was like to appeal to my other senses.

Phillip: (growly tone)
Ladies! What did you think, did we do good?

Mint: (youthful tone)
Way good; but that’s just my opinion. My sister usually hates music like yours.

Cream, Sugar: (disapproving tone)
How’s that? come again. Maybe the other guys are the ones whose taste is so distasteful. You’re not talking about that band that went on before us are you. Those guys are pinkerton’s. They’re too stiff. They don’t even drink, know what I mean. Masquerading as a squad of bumpkin boys making music their mommies and daddies taught them to like.

Bright: (plain tone)
And what do you call what you do, original?

Phillip: (lecturing tone)
We’re the beat scene. We’re just here to make people happy, not make them think. Your music is all so full of yourself. Full of your emotions and your feelings. Ours is poetry.

Mint: (cool tone)
Well whatever you all are doing or they are doing I just like music, why is everything a competition with boys.

(Seeing for the first time in her life a new direction, Bright was torn between her love for her past and the future bringing her brand new vibes that expel outward instead of inward. She starts loosening up with her sister.)

Cream, Sugar “The Cafe Boys”: (wild tone)
Alright so we’re taking off now “lardo”, you coming? Hey Mint we’ll catch you later, I’ll call you sometime before next week, no. he’s not calling you I’m the one whose calling you. We’ll both see you later.

Phillip: (bested tone)
You guys are pathetic, every show a different girl.

The Cafe Boys: (playful tone)
You didn’t hear that, we don’t see a different girl after every show. You might even be the one, (suddenly crooning the words and singing together) for me.

(Their band van drives away with singing voices carrying away into the distance. Phillip hangs behind talking to Bright because he has his own ride.)

Bright: (confused tone)
Why did they call you “lardo”? That sounds kind of rude.

Mint: (attempted tone)
Band boys, rudeness comes with the territory like a doormat to a house.

Bright: (elitist tone)
Setting your standards really high then Mint, are you the doormat then? or are they?

Mint: (aggressive tone)
Don’t be a bitch. Little miss front man cat got his tongue with his tail between his legs leader of the loser parade.

Phillip: (curious tone)
What does she mean by that?

Bright: (layering tone)
She just means I’m a sucker for guys in bands.

Mint: (shocked tone)
You’ve never heard of Sukha?

Phillip: (thoughtful tone)
I watch film and read books in my spare time rather than follow the other bands in the music scene.
Should we go back to my place, I’ll take you home later, your sister shouldn’t mind, she’ll be fine, didn’t you both drive here, so I’ll take you home later. Give her your keys.

Mint: (direct tone)
That’s my car by the way and their my keys.

Bright: (normal tone)
Give me a second to talk to my sister in private.

Mint, don’t act like things haven’t been going sour for a long time with me. I need this pick me up.

Mint: (responsive tone)
Is that really true? You barely talk to me anymore.

Bright: (hushed tone)

Phillip: (unaware tone)
Should we go then, you good?

Bright: (snarky tone)
I’m good.

Mint: (car tone)
I can’t believe I have to drive home by myself and I could have gone with those other guys, this is such bullshit.

(Back at the house Noble is making a day of himself being really un-useful with his time entertaining the idea of building and breaking things with tools, playing music with his friends and trying on fashion looks.)

*Noble: (memory tone)
Wasn’t it you two that shared that story about the time when you were down at Evesport pier and some guy..(interupted)

Joans: (story tone)
Some guy decides he’s going to make a scene, ya ya, so he gets the attention of all the people nearby, shouting, hollering, acting like a crazy person, then suddenly, he steps up to the ledge and stands there dead silent looking at all of us. (pause)

Lorraine: (aware tone)
then what happens?

Cliff: (full tone)

Daw, Dac: (wondering tone)
Does he pull out a gun? Does he jump off, don’t tell me he jumps?

Dove: (random tone)
wait, I know this one.

he strips all his clothes off.

(everyone laughs)

Daw, Dac: (funny tone)
did you just make that story up?

Cliff: (cardinal tone)
of course they did, they’re artists, don’t expect them to remember anything they didn’t write themselves.

Joans: (bright tone)
No. that story is real, it really happened, isn’t that right Lorraine.

Lorraine: (ignoring tone)
I’m bored.

Dove: (goof tone)
We could play some music. Noble has all his gear, unless his crazed girlfriend sold it all for drugs.

Noble: (unconcerned tone)
It’s here, she just moves it around too much, parts go missing when you move stuff around too much, you know how it is.
Joans: (strange tone)
Remember last year touring when that roadie started picking off our stuff piece by piece and by the time we noticed he was long gone.

Cliff: (shocked tone)
He didn’t even use his real name, he was using a fake ID the entire time, we had no way to track him down.

Dove: (upset tone)
If I ever see that guy I’m going to knock his teeth in.

Dac, Daw: (playful tone)
How about we help you get your music going.
come on lorraine.

Lorraine: (avoidant tone)
what are you talking about, wait, seriously.

Noble: (singular tone)
If you want to help the gear is in the greenhouse, it’s in the backyard.

Dac, Daw: (leading tone)
You’re like an old house wife Lorraine, you never have any fun no more.

Lorraine: (redirected tone)
Don’t blame me Joans is the boring one, he is the bass player after all.

Joans: (bummer tone)
I heard that. I have fun, what are talking about.

Dove: (happy tone)

Cliff: (serious tone)
You try too hard. who cares. I don’t give a shit.

Joans: (moody tone)
Whatever let’s just go.

Dove: (teasing tone)
Now Joans is all sad, I think we hurt his feelings.

Lorraine: (respondent tone)
I’m not leaving, we’re not leaving yet, I don’t have to work until 6:00.

Noble: (complimentary tone)
I think he means we need to set up, before we can play, if we’re going to play, we have to get going.

Cliff: (distracted tone)
That’s good guys nice to see you back at again, I have to make some calls, can I use your phone?

Noble: (carefree tone)
It’s in the kitchen or one upstairs in the guest room.
Cliff: (business tone)
Alright I’ll be a few minutes, I’m going to check in with a few colleagues of mine.

Lorraine: (small tone)
How can you live out here all the time? The silence would drive me nuts.

Joans: (mature tone)
Our place is cozy but I’d like to find something better once the lease is up, we still have a few more months.

Dove: (fast tone)
I let my money do the talking.

Noble: (dorky tone)
Your intimidated by my place but you shouldn’t be because it’s only a rental, I probably won’t keep it for very much longer because our money isn’t really growing right now. That’s why we have to take these opportunities serious. Cliff’s really gotten through to me about living this lifestyle, I guess he wants to keep his too and he kind of lives through me.

Dac, Daw: (urgent tone)
Hey! guys! you got to get out here quick. Your stuff’s been broken into the door is smashed and the glass is broken!

Joans: (dangerous tone)
What the hell!

Dove: (vibe tone)
No way.

Noble: (explanatory tone)
See it’s not what it looks like, the other day I was looking for my keys in the garage and Greg, well he’s our maintenance landscape guy and he said he didn’t misplace the keys so I guess Bright must’ve forgot to leave them and I couldn’t find a way to get inside so I broke the window. It’s not a break in, but I broke it.

Dac, Daw: (snooty tone)
Why would you break your own window. ya.

Joans: (imperative tone)
You could have called a locksmith.

Noble: (nasal tone)
I didn’t really. The thought never really occurred to me. You know how it is when you’re out here by yourself. Thoughts run wild sometimes. You break glass I guess.

help me carry something inside, just grab whatever you can you guys.

Cliff: (abrasive tone)
Look they don’t know yet, the deals off, there’s no way were going out on that many dates for such low ticket prices and with the kind of show your attempting to subject us to is diabolical. I won’t stand here and raise my voice at you because that what you want isn’t it? You want me to plea to you like some quivering boy well I’m not going to do it. We had a holding ticket price for launch date of the tour and a deal on upfront costs, now you’re just going to sit there and tell me that deal isn’t in the picture anymore. I’ve already let them know the deal was on. If you don’t want to honor the contract that you signed when you put those guys on for a multi record deal then what right do I have, it’s not just those guys your screwing me too you know.

Record Label Exec: (careless tone)
Look were going in a different direction, we see their last record as a sort of peak in their career, what else do we need them for? Why don’t they just go independent like all the other successful acts nowadays?

Cliff: (rushed tone)
We might be able to make records on our own, sure, but what about the cost of a major tour, that’s just not possible without the mainstream money these days and advertising alone would eat up the entire budget of a small label. We’d have no overhead for touring costs, lodging, food, and so many other unforeseen gouges in our pocket book.

Record Label Exec: (business tone)
I’m sorry, they’ve been good to me, to us really, we figure we have one record left on the contract, we’ll just put together a greatest hits compilation and that will finalize our end of the bargain.

Cliff: (pissed tone)
thanks for the fireworks, see ya around.

Joans: (upbeat tone)
Cliff, check it out, let the show commence.

Lorraine: (gossip tone)
Noble is breaking into his own house it seems.

Cliff: (confused tone)
What’s she talking about?

Joans: (hurried tone)
Seriously, forget it, don’t worry about it.

Cliff: (delusional tone)
Oh, I won’t, I hope.

(under breath murmur) you people are seriously bad at reading people.

(thought to self / vocal narrative) or do I hide my emotions that well?
I’m going to kill that record exec.

Noble: (casual tone)
alright, let’s just start from the beginning with a 4 bar intro led by that same time adjustment you just did there Dove and then we’ll all come back together after a short 2 bar beat, okay.

Dove: (blurred tone)
Ya I got it man, I’m good.

Noble: (directing tone)
Joans remember your doing a 2/3 time overlapping my 5/4 rhythm until the chorus where we all fall into Dove’s 4/4 beat.

Joans: (carefree tone)
Uh sure whatever, 2/3 got it.
Dac, Daw: (oblivious tone)
How does everyone know if they are playing the right notes. What’s all this time?

Lorraine: (know-it-all tone)
It’s music talk, don’t worry about it.

Cliff: (distracted tone)
Guys, I’m sure it sounds great, we need to talk in private when you get a chance.

Noble: (confused tone)
Can it wait?

Cliff: (serious tone)
maybe, don’t let me forget.

Noble: (constant tone)
1, 1, 1, 2, 3, and…

(music begins to play for a few moments until Joans stops playing, noble notices and makes a what gives face, Dove just keeps playing until, Noble has to tell him to shut up.)

Noble: (yelling tone)
Shut up! Dove, dove! cut it.
(waving arm by his neck)

Joans what’s the problem?

Joans: (resistant tone)
after she said all that stuff about tuning I started listening more carefully and felt like we need to tune our instruments more closely together.

Noble: (assured tone)
Everything is in tune, I tuned them yesterday.

Dac, Daw: (nurturing tone)
Couldn’t you tune them together at the same time, now.

Lorraine: (avoidant tone)
Don’t push it. he’ll start to crack.

Dove: (unimpressed tone)
Sounds like a drum to me. (smacks the drum)

Cliff: (dull tone)

Dac, Daw: (manipulative tone)
It doesn’t need to be so repetitive. Why is everything always so serious?

Noble: (serious tone)
This is not a jazz band!

Dove: (laughing tone)
Jazz, haha.

Joans: (optimistic tone)
you know what. let’s just play one of our old songs.

Noble: (open tone)
New or old?

Lorraine: (mature tone)
I always liked the older stuff.

Dac, Daw: (eager tone)
New. new. new.

Dove: (joke tone)
It’s kind of all the same to me, but..uh

Noble: (rude tone)
It’s not our fault you never get better at the drums.

Dac, Daw: (playful tone)
That’s mean. So what.

Cliff: (removed tone)
You can’t make up your mind, nothing is happening, how about we put this whole thing on pause for a moment and step into the other room so we can talk business matters. I just got off the phone with the record company and they have some news about the upcoming tour and other details just recently revealed to me.

Dove: (calm tone)
Geese Cliff, always serious business with you, why don’t you loosen up the tie and take off the jacket once in a while.

Cliff: (concerned tone)
I’m your business partner, not your friend. Or at least I am acting as your business mediator at this time and feel it necessary to do business. Now! Are you all the time a musician or do you never wear different hats acting as different roles in your life.

Joans: (casual tone)
To be fair, Doves never looked very good in hats.

Dove: (casual tone)
Tell me about it.

Noble: (bored tone)
He’s right, I’m not really in the mood anymore either, I’m going to grab a drink.
Would either of you two girls want a drink?

Dove: (staunch tone)
Hey she came here with me buddy.

Noble: (tired tone)
Chill out.

(Noble leaves the downstairs gathering to go upstairs and change)

Dac, Daw: (neat tone)
This is a cool house. Must be centuries ago they built this.

Lorraine: (casual tone)
not exactly centuries, it’s not that old. You should look around, there’s lots of cool stuff in here, and some really nice architecture. Joans show them around, you’ve been here before and I know Noble won’t mind.

Joans: (entertained tone)
Come with me ladies, let me be your tour guide extraordinaire. Here we have the kitchen, very posh, and next to this a lovely….(voice fades away into the other parts of the house)

Dove: (weird tone)
I hate that guy, no I don’t, I’m kidding man! (shoves Cliff) So Lorraine, now that we’re alone…

Lorraine: (gross tone)
You’re disgusting Dove, just because we kissed once in high school doesn’t mean you’re my all and everything.

Dove: (goofy tone)
I bet you miss me.

Lorraine: (avoidant tone)
Anyway. What’s going on with you these days Cliff?

Cliff: (rambling tone)
Me, I’m going to lose my car, my house, this suit I’m wearing, I’ll have nothing, it’s going to be gone, all of it gone, unless I find new talent, then I’ll ride their coattails…

Lorraine: (baffled tone)
Everything is okay, right. Fine but…what?

Dove: (serious tone)
I have to tell you Cliff, this band, it’s not working for me anymore, I’ve already got another guy to play drums for me and I’ve been working on songs. Our songs sound good, you could help me with all that management stuff you do, I’ve been meaning to ask you about it.

Cliff: (bothered tone)
Now is not a good time. I don’t have time for jokes right now Dove.

Lorraine: (concerned tone)
What is your timeline? How long do you have to live? Were you diagnosed with something really terrible? Is it cancer?

Cliff: (shocked tone)
I’m not dying! It’s the band, there’s no tour.

Dove: (surprised tone)
Shit! for real…

Cliff: (honest tone)
The label pulled you guys, they only need one more record so they decided to unplug you and wrap the wound with a bandage and label it greatest hits.

Lorraine: (bizarre tone)
This doesn’t make sense. How could they?
Cliff: (honest tone)
I don’t know, I don’t know anything anymore. I think I’m going to be sick.

Lorraine: (serious tone)
So who’s going to tell the other guys? I mean I can tell Joans, I guess, if you want, but what about Noble.

Dove: (constrained tone)
I’ll tell him, I’m in the band, is should be me, I had no idea things were getting so desperate at this level, I mean we just had a hit record.

Noble, you in there. It’s Dove.

(Dove walks in on Noble and the two girls Dac and Daw and Noble are in their underwear.)

Noble: (Surprised tone)
It’s not what it looks like, I love Bright. I was just trying on some clothes.

Dove: (upset tone)
Where’s Joans? So much for loyalty.

Dac, Daw: (pleading tone)
We were just trying on some of Bright’s clothing while he was changing, we were changing, like, nothing was happening. We were all changing outfits, that’s all.

Dove: (charging tone)
Ya right! I was right about wanting to leave this band in the first place.

Noble: (held tone)
What the hell are you talking about? You’re leaving the band. Since when?

Dove: (misunderstood tone)
Take it easy brother, I’ll see ya around, Maybe you girls can get a ride from Lorraine or something, if you were telling the truth. I think I need some time to cool off.

(Dove sees Joans coming up the stairs as he’s headed downstairs)

Joans: (confused tone)
What’s all the shouting? is someone upset, what’s the problem? Are you alright?

Dove: (pissed tone)
Why don’t you go ask your friend Noble!

Joans: (interrogative tone)
The girls said they were going to get Noble. Lorraine! come here, quick.

Dove: (crying tone)
Get out of my way, he’s selfish and he’s the reason our record deal is done and he’s the reason that everything is messed up right now, we wanted to go on tour months ago, but we had to wait until he was ready.

Joans: (scattered tone)
Our record deal, wait back up, you said it’s done.

Dove: (lashing tone)
It’s over!

Noble: (defensive tone)
It’s not what it looks like, we weren’t doing anything, wait, come on man, seriously, how long have you known me?

Joans: (shocked tone)
Our Record deal is through, why didn’t you tell anyone?

Noble: (responsive tone)
I don’t have any clue what you’re talking about!

Cliff: (ecstatic tone)
(speaking to himself) This makes me feel a lot better. I thought I was over reacting.
(big tone)
Sorry guys, my fault, confusion all around, let’s just settle down and I’ll clear things up.

Lorraine: (faint tone)
Nice one Cliff.

Dove: (harsh tone)
I’m leaving.

Noble: (frustrated tone)
Good get the hell out of here because I didn’t do anything for the last time. Who are you going to believe?

Dac, Daw: (apologetic tone)
It’s not what it looks like…(speaking as Dove walks out of the door)

can we catch a ride home with you guys (referencing Lorraine and Joans)

Lorraine/Joans: (friendly tone)
Of course.

Cliff: (Distraught tone)
Looks like we’ve sort of hit a sore subject at the moment and I think everybody needs a little bit of time to cool down so I think it would be a good idea if I left too. Nothing personal, err wait…

Noble: (suggestive tone)
(pulls the two girls away from view into his room momentarily)
you know nothing happened, right?

Dac, Daw: (quiet tone)
I’m fine, It’s his problem.

Storyline Note:
(Everyone is gone from the house and Noble is left sitting alone. In another place Bright is found nestled closely to Phillip on a couch in a dim apartment faces close together)

Bright: (pushy tone)
Barely sure, oh your barely sure.

Phillip: (serious tone)
Look give me time to think about it.
Bright: (happy tone)
You like the way I look in this hat, is this your ex girlfriend’s hat?

Phillip: (detuned tone)
I don’t know where I got that hat.

Bright: (leading tone)
I bet you had some beat scene groupie over here and she left it. Look at me, do I look like one of your beat scene girls now. (trying on clothes)

Phillip: (sexual tone)
You look hot. I love that look, it reminds me of a wild poetic freedom the world once had but lost as the fashion moved on.

Bright: (pretend tone)
“Do you want some cream with that sugar?”, “what no tip? how dare you put your hands all over me for no tip.”

What’s this? Why does a guy like you all sweet and innocent have a gun hidden underneath all these clothes?

(pretend) bang. bang. gotcha! hahahaha.

Phillip: (concerned tone)
Don’t play with that, it’s not a toy.

Bright: (laughable tone)
It’s not like it’s loaded, what you think I’ve never seen one of these before. I haven’t even taken off the safety.

Phillip: (cautious tone)
Okay but put it down; I thought we were having fun together.

(Bright begins removing her clothing piece by piece down to her underwear)

Do you like morning cafe? Because it doesn’t look like you are going home tonight, whoops, your sister…

I’d bet you’d like it if I liked your cafe, my sister, she’s not here. It’s just you..and me.

(Noble shown in his house later that night after getting a phone call from Joans explaining in detail what Cliff said to Dove and Lorraine.)

Noble: (screaming tone)
(sitting at the drum set strumming a guitar chord at the same time, then pounding on the drums in unison)


Intermission – The curtain falls asleep

(Noble has an early morning interview with a Rolling stone journalist, followed by a short afternoon meeting with another journalist at the local bar The Drudgery)

Noble: (talking tone)
In the evening I like to take walks through the neighborhood like we are now. Usually walking to Cherry Beach.
(At Cherry Beach)
This is a cold weather town so it’s not like the beach is ever very crowded except for during the peak season in the summer time.

Rolling Stone Journalist: (standing tone)
Some people say you are taking yourself too serious and it’s just punk rock? Do you think that is an accurate portrayal of the way you appear?

Noble: (shaken tone)
Now and again I think about if I made the right decisions in life. I’m not making excuses for who I am, I wanted this is what I mean. When I was a kid I felt like nothing was going to drag me down; I was invincible. I was just being a kid who grew up and became a famous rockstar. What do you think someone else would do in my shoes?

Rolling Stone Journalist: (sure tone)
Most people would agree acting a bit crazy in our youth is quite common, sure.

Noble: (twangy tone)
I wonder if I should have been more religious. My decisions effect me in ways that are out of my control and when you’re a kid you just don’t think your decisions will play a part in how you grow up. I guess I made some bad decisions along with the good ones that got me here.

Rolling Stone Journalist: (direct tone)
After 3 records do you still feel like you need to fulfill that childhood fantasy of becoming a rockstar and appeal to the fans, what about yourself?

Noble: (vague tone)
When you’re a kid you feel like nothing is going to drag you down you feel invincible.
No. It’s always been about what I want but I don’t know if I want that anymore. My hearts not craving that much these days.

Rolling Stone Journalist: (bold tone)
Are you trying to make a public statement to notify your fans that you are considering a possible long term break from touring and making records?

Noble: (menacing tone)
I don’t know. I’m not sure I’m ready for either. I want both, you know. If I don’t have what I want I would want it if I give this up I might start craving it again. It’s a really hard decision to make. Maybe my health will improve if I make better decisions. I’m not strong enough to continue to live like this.

Rolling Stone Journalist: (appreciative tone)
I appreciate you speaking with me. I’m going to keep this interview on record and all you have to do is call my office to tell me if you want this all to go to print.

Noble: (relieved tone)
You’re a good guy man. Thanks for speaking with me, no one really gets it anymore, everyone is so self absorbed around me, life’s a party. When I try to talk to them on a serious note they never listen their too busy they just don’t have the time for me like that.

Journalist: (lost tone)
You said drive on Yesterday Rd to get to the main road and drive south right?

Noble: (helpful tone)
Yep that will take you to the cross street where your hotel should be, if you need help finding the airport you might want to ask the bell hop.

Bright: (throaty tone)
We should have let him stay here.

Noble: (confront tone)
I think that’s too personal, this is still business. He’s getting paid for this. We’re not a hotel just because we live in a big house.

Bright: (open tone)
The beatles use to let people stay with them all the time. I read about it, george would have these big parties; they would have a good time together. Your kind of small like george.

Noble: (weak tone)
I value my privacy.

(Journalist waiting at the Drudgery, a local bar near Noble’s home, Noble arrives after the journalist has already been waiting there for him.)

M Jour. #2: (standing up to greet Noble)
thanks for meeting me I really can’t believe you agreed to speaking with me. I guess you wanted to meet here because this is like your hangout or something. That’s what the bartender said.

Noble: (gracious tone)
I guess you could say that. I’m friends with the Greg the bartender. He’s like a brother to me. He treats me like a normal person.

M Jour #2: (welcoming tone)
Did you want to get a drink before we start?

Noble: (lying tone)
Um, no thanks, I’m taken care of. I just had some earlier.

Music journalist #2: (start tone)
I read something recently in a newspaper the local James High School wanted your band to perform for them at a Homecoming rivalry football game. What did you think about that and was it asking too much?

Noble: (blurry tone)
The tigers homecoming game. Ya (sort of laughs smiling) we were asked… no one was really sure if they were being serious. I guess they were. Huh, No real excuse for why we didn’t, maybe at the time, I can’t remember, we might have been doing something else. The dates weren’t possible.

Music journalist:
Is it true you’ve always been a fan of Stan Old’s music?

Noble: (fickle tone)
His lyrics are so poetic, I really love the way his melodies stick in my head after listening to his music.

M Jour #2: (quirky tone)
Wow, that’s great, ya I love his music too, I love it all, that’s why I’m a music journalist. Okay, so…(flips through some note cards)
what is it about your car that everyone always makes a big about?

Noble: (careless tone)
The Volvo, I guess it’s not as popular in America. Not sure. What do you think?

M Jour #2: (boisterous tone)
The beatles had their thing I suppose you should too, it makes sense.

Greg: (strong tone)
Here you guys, I brought some water over for you Noble.

M Jour #2: (visual tone)
Thanks man. Thankyou. Alright.

Noble: (skeptical tone)

M Jour #2: (fantasy tone)
Where do you think you’d like to take the band for the future and what will the upcoming records sound like?

…(multiple quick fire questions)

Noble: (pejorative tone)
Right now we’re just playing it by ear. There’s been some talk about it with the Label, I can’t reveal anything right now. We tried having a session at my house a few weeks back and nothing really came from all of that.

M Jour #2: (seen tone)
Thanks so much for talking to me. This is going to be in next month’s issue so look for it.

Noble: (convinced tone)
I will I’ll tell Bright to pick up a copy.

M Jour #2: (sticky tone)
Actually one more question. If I may.
I’ve heard you believe in astrology and other forms of alternative religion? True or False.

Noble: (uninformed tone)
I’m a pisces I know that much whether or not it’s my religion not sure about all that.

(Journalist leaves after finishing his drink pays the bartender and heads out)

Bar Greg: (curious tone)
Hey Noble I haven’t seen you around here for a while where have you been I know you’re not on tour.

Noble: (permanent tone)
That’s really out of my control. Stuff around the house I guess. Taking care of my kid. Keeping track of shit I have to do.
I’ve starting doing some renovation and upgrades to my house and I’ve been working with some contractors. It takes up a lot of my time.

B. Greg: (spying tone)
If you need a hookup I’ve got a guy whose got some great junk.

Noble: (congeal tone)
My stomach bothers me a lot more nowadays and the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me. They haven’t been able to diagnose the problem. I never revealed to them about every single time I messed around with drugs. It feels like the lining in my stomach is disappearing.

Greg: (quaint tone)
Fine that’s just more I can sell to one of my other customers.

Random bar person: (nosy tone)
You mess around with needles and you can contract aids.

Noble: (cringe tone)
I gotta take off, I’ll see you around.

(back home in a fight with Bright)

Noble: (worried tone)
This guy said you can get aids from using dirty needles. What if I’ve contracted something I can’t get rid of?

Bright: (personal tone)
That’s ridiculous. There’s no such thing. We have medicine that can fix anything. I don’t have aids and I’m the only person you shared with. I shot you up myself.

Noble: (prying tone)
Where did you get the stuff you bought though.

Bright: (distorted tone)
I’m done talking about this.

Noble: (sorted tone)
It’s your fault. You keep giving it to me. I’m not even doing it to myself. You’re the reason I’m getting sicker.

Bright: (defensive tone)
Don’t put the blame on me I never forced you to. We did everything together. What are you even talking about I’m not sick. I used the same stuff you did.

Noble: (sad tone)
You always have to be one that wins. It’s not like you’re at every single show, with me.
…what if people think I’m gay. If this is what is making me sick they are going to think I’m gay.

Bright: (bothered tone)
Why the hell would they think that? I’m your fucking wife. You have a daughter.

Whatever you think you have, you don’t have. You might have something but it’s not that.

(Noble goes to his room where he begins penning in a quick fashion all his feelings about his family his wife and his band. Once he’s done penning the letter he hides the letter. Then notices an old magazine featuring an article written about when his second album became a success. Noble is found reading through the article as a narrative. He recalls the experience and hears the voice of the interviewer in his head while he answers back the questions with his band mates.)

Grunge magazine: (remarkable tone)
By the time this article hits shelves your record will have already reached 1 million copies sold, how does that make you feel?

Joans: (poised tone)
We deserve more respect for our work. Our label paid us a lot less money than other bands that signed for millions more dollars than we did and our record is selling more than theirs.

Bands press Manager: (biting tone)
Noble can you just humor them for a second.

Joans: (pompous tone)
Now that this album is a commercial success we realize we should be getting a lot more up front from our record label.

Noble: (gravely tone)
Leave me alone, I’ll do the pictures okay.

Grunge magazine: (
A funny question lots of people always want to know would be to know what we can find on your rider?

Noble: (sleepy tone)
Three cans of Top Deck? It’s like a drink they use to advertise to children that contains alcohol, really popular in the sixties.

Grunge: (risky tone)
Do you ever think people don’t really get what your trying to do now that this grunge movement has become stuck you as a band?

Dove: (interjecting tone)
Even though I only joined the band for the last record I don’t think that’s really what they mean when they stereotype us like that. It’s more like a badge of courage.

Joans: (fluid tone)
…or a badge of honor we uphold the culture of all these people, we represent them.

Grunge: (direct tone)
Are you an unhappy person?

Noble: (discordant tone)
The media portrays me as this loser weirdo manic depressed lunatic on the edge of cutting loose, they can think what they want.
I’m happier than people think.
People deal with personal problems all the time and I just so happen to be living with some problems throughout all of this.

Joans: (jovial tone)
We’re a band.

Grunge: (vital tone)
There has been rumors you may not tour for this record what do you plan on doing?

Noble: (careless tone)
Cars, art, nothing. What about you?

Joans: (strident tone)
I try to keep in touch with people from my past and during the recording we don’t all live together so we have to make an effort to perform.

Grunge: (dialed tone)
Noble, what was it like being a roadie in your younger years before you became a full fledged rockstar?

Noble: (wise tone)
Hard work, long nights, shit pay, but I don’t have to have a regular job doing it so I guess it was pretty great, probably. I forget.

(Noble looks away from the magazine his thoughts and mind coming back into the room, then puts down the magazine where he found it in a drawer. He proceeds to leave the room, changing his jacket sweater a few times. Bright has some food prepared, Noble is just about to play some music in the living room guitar strapped around neck, he’s leaning over to plug the guitar in, rifling through his pockets trying to find his pick, flipping the switch to his amp on, adjusts the knobs on his guitar, and as he’s checking the tuning on his guitar Bright bursts into the room carrying a spatula of some kind wearing an apron and she looks angry.)

Bright: (billow tone)
You’re not playing music right now. Besides Ali is asleep upstairs in her crib.

Noble: (secure tone)
I’ll keep it down that’s what I was just checking, it’ll will be fine.

Bright: (calamity tone)
I’ve made some dinner…(waits for a response, Noble ignores her)…Aren’t you going to eat with me?

Noble: (waning tone)
I’m not really in the mood to eat.

Bright: (argue tone)
See this is why you’re so damn sick all the time, you drink too much and you don’t eat enough, why do you have to be such a pussy all the time, you’re always complaining about your stomach? [punches Noble in the stomach]

Noble: (muttering tone)
You really didn’t have to do that. (kind of falls over leaning onto his amp while the strings on his guitar make a weird noise of dissonance and distortion as he grabs his stomach)

I’m not okay.

Bright: (bold tone)
Stand up!

Noble: (helpless tone)
I’m really not okay, I think I need to see a doctor.

Bright: (frightened tone)
Stop kidding around it’s not funny.

Noble: (gasping tone)
Take me to the hospital.

(Noble and Bright go to the hospital and they call a friend to watch their daughter, while at the hospital the news makes allegations that Noble has again overdosed on drugs. Afterward he spends some time recovering at home.)

Bright: (awake tone)
We’ve gotten lots of letters from fans and calls from friends and family hoping you get better. Are you feeling any better today? Everyone just wants to make sure your okay “No”.

Noble: (disappointed tone)
I want to be able to live up to their fantasies and answer all their mail but I’m just not up to it.

leave it here, maybe I’ll take a look at some of them, it can’t hurt to read them, but I’m not promising anything.

(Noble reads some fan letters)

Fan letter #1:
When I heard the news that you were sick I only wanted you to feel better. I love your music so so so much. Your band is what gets me through the day. I use to be so depressed then your music came along and I listen to you every day. Get well soon.


Fan Letter #2:
Your the greatest. Your band is so amazing. Please don’t die. Suicide is not the answer. Your music has helped me so much. I use to want to die too until I heard your music. Your music is such an inspiration to me personally. Everyone I know only wants your band to keep making music. We all love you.

(Noble picks up the phone laying in bed and calls his mom)

Noble’s mom:
(phone rings) Helllloo.

Mom, it’s me, Noble.

Noble’s mom:
O my gosh, it’s so nice to hear your voice.

How are you doing mom? I’ve been miserable, I’m just sitting around the house, I’ve got nothing to do I can’t do anything because the doctor said I need to rest if I’m going to fully recover and I am, I swear.

Noble’s mom:
I believe son I do it’s just that I’m not sure there is much they can do with your condition is it really going to help. You need to stop wasting your time believing everything they tell you. Those people are feeding you what they think you want to believe. They are telling you what you want to hear. Do you understand me Noble?

That’s not possible. either way mom, I miss you and I wanted to hear your voice and tell you how much I miss you.

Noble’s mom:
I miss you too. When do I get to see my granddaughter?

Hopefully sooner than later. Alright I’ll speak with you again soon.

Noble’s mom:
You be careful okay. Take care of yourself, I’m not there to do it for you. Bye bye.

(phone clicks off, Noble hangs up his end.)


IV… Distraction Makes Good Use of Time

Carly: (hopeful tone)
Lorraine, we made it.

Lorraine: (serious tone)
Thanks for coming to our show, the designer is really excited for everyone to be here. He knows you’re all here and I think he might even come out and say hello after the show, but I have to get backstage so I’ll talk to you after the show, wish me luck.

Cliff: (stunned tone)
There are so many beautiful women here.

Bright: (excited tone)
I’ll be right back I’m just going to the ladies room.

Noble: (mocking tone)
I might have to keep my eyes open tonight in case my new wardrobe comes walking down that runway. (laugh)

Mint: (novice tone)
That’s so cool for you to invite me up here for this, I wonder if I’ll see any celebrities.

Samantha: (forward tone)
I think they come to these kinds of events sometimes. At least that’s what all the gossip news says.

Joans: (dashing tone)
You look great (insert pet name here)! Doesn’t she look incredible you guys.

Lorraine: (moot point)
(kisses Joans, walks away, does one of those fancy runway waves)

Bright: (whiny tone)
Can we go to the bar? I’m going.

Noble: (cold tone)
Will you get me something whiskey, on second thought let me get it, what do you want?

Joans: (cool tone)
You guys, it’s early, take it easy.

Mint: (comfortable tone)
So your Joans, my sister said you were tall but your pretty tall, a lot taller actually. I’m Bright’s sister Mint. We were never formally introduced, I live here.

Joans: (dull tone)
sports were never my thing, my dad was a big guy, did work for a lumber company, you know tough guy stuff. That’s how I met Noble, were kind of from the same place.

Mint: (flirty tone)
How do you like the city? I’m from here or near here well practically somewhere, close.

Carly: (cool tone)
You might need to get a napkin to wipe the drool coming out of Mint’s mouth while your over there.

Carly: (positive tone)
Too bad Dove couldn’t be here, he’s so cool.

Noble: (cold tone)
You mean asshole.

Samanatha: (formative tone)
Your only saying that because he wasn’t your first drummer and you have no way to control him like the rest of your friends.

Noble: (casual tone)
The guy’s just a dick sometimes, he’s so full of himself.

Samanatha: (sexual tone)
I’m sure he’d say the same thing about you, two big egos in one room, I can only imagine.

Bright: (frantic tone)
I’m going to find a seat, more people are coming in.

Cliff: (tagged tone)
I’ll go with you, it’ll be better that way to save some seats.

Samantha: (rushed tone)
Let’s get our seat, it’s too crowded in here all of the sudden, wait up Cliff. Bri, hey wait.

Joans: (awkward tone)
Have you met Lorraine yet Mint she’s my girlfriend, she’s walking in the show. She’s not as tall as me though.

Mint: (snarly tone)
Of course;… not.

Joans: (calm tone)
We better take our seats, you can sit next to me if you want, if there’s room.

Noble: (surprised tone)
Phil, what the heck’s going on?*
^I’m here with Bright, I came down yesterday with some friends, and Joans is here, his girlfriend is in the show, we didn’t have much to do, so we thought let’s go for it.

*Phillip Filardo: (throaty tone)
I live here I was born here I’m from here it even feels like I’m always here, even with touring this is the place I call home.^
To be honest everyone’s always wondering why you don’t live here. Are you still stuck in the rain?

Noble: (quirky tone)
…only thing that anyone ever talks about is the rain, what’s with you people, must be all that sun damage. Your looking very pale compared to these beautiful models.

Phillip: (distracted tone)
Where’s your wife?
Noble: (bragging tone)
I guess you wish she was with you, we have a daughter now, her names Ali, Bright’s mother has her right now otherwise I could show you how much she looks like me.
So which one of these people is with you, don’t tell me your alone.

Phillip: (sorry tone)
She broke up with me during the last tour I was on, some excuse about not being there for her when she needed me the most and I ignored her, whatever, I can find somebody else.

I’ve been playing shows locally for fun using a different pseudonym so the crowds don’t know it’s me.

Noble: (casual tone)
O dang, you know what, you just reminded me, I’m kind of busy, music and all this talk, would ya look at the time, I’ll probably see ya around.

Phillip: (optimistic tone)
Probably not. I’ve got a big tour coming up, it’s going to be epic man, we’re pulling out all the stops to make it the biggest rock show anyone’s ever seen, not since the early days of rock ‘n’ roll anyway.

Noble: (serious tone)
Take care of yourself.

Phillip: (careful tone)
You’re the one that need to watch out, I heard about that news story from a friend of mine.

Noble: (noisy tone)
That wasn’t me, they keep mixing me up with all these kids that idolize me they dress like me they talk like me some of them even look and sound like me and I guess one of them overdosed and they thought it was me.

I’m sorry I’m being rude, why don’t you join my group and sit with us?

Phillip: (pondering tone)
Two singers in one band? That would be weird. Joans never talked to me much whenever we cross paths though.

Noble: (concord tone)
Not my band, sit with us for the runway show, duh.
…Are you serious?

Phillip: (nerdy tone)
Sorry, my mistake, wouldn’t it be weird if we switched bands and I sung for your weird depressing slow rock, and you sung in my group in front of all those piercing lead guitar lines?

(the talking is cut off by the lights dimming and the music getting louder)

Noble: (moot point)
(walks away looks back a bit kind of waves)

Phillip: (moot point)
(Disappears into the darkness.)

(show goes on without a hitch the show is a success, hot girls everywhere, music provided by The Italian Cafe unannounced, during the performance Phillip stares at Bright and puts his hat on her head, he then throws his scarf at Noble’s face which upsets him. During Lorraine’s walk Joans jumps up on the catwalk and does an old fashion bendy kiss in front of everyone exclaiming his love for her and holding up her hand. The crowd goes nuts. Security grabs him and pulls him off the runway.)

(After the show)

Designer: (elitist tone)
That scene you made was horrendous. Lorraine’s friends, you look like you came from the gutter. where did you buy these clothes your wearing, a ross? You’re lucky I’m not pressing charges. I can you know. This is a serious event not some rock show.

Noble: (irratic tone)
Then why did you hire “lardo” to sing, he’s infamous for putting on fanatical shows.

Designer Evon: (critical tone)
Are you talking? To the fault of the performers, I don’t think so. I’m done with you.

you are a group of degenerates.

Joans: (ashamed tone)
whatever. Lorraine, let’s go.

Lorraine: (hasty tone)
I haven’t changed yet, my clothes are still back there.

Bright: (drunk tone)
See, she doesn’t even like your designs. You needs to change before she can leave.

Lorraine: (shifty tone)
That’s not what I meant.

Designer Evon: (biting tone)
You’re fired Lorraine. next show don’t expect to be here.

Lorraine: (haul tone)
Thanks a lot.

Carly, Sam: (needy tone)
What’s going on? Are you okay.

Joans: (apologetic tone)
I was just having a good time and I’m never around for these shows I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Cliff: (goofy tone)
The crowd seemed to love it.

Mint: (helpful tone)
There are lots of designers, you’re great Lo, that designer is worthless if he can’t see he barely even did anything. It’s not like he ripped your clothes off in front of everyone.

Cliff: (corny tone)
No I bet everyone would have loved that.

Noble: (pushy tone)
When “lardo” put his hat on your head, was there any particular reason for his reasons for doing this? Bright, uh, can you hear me?

Bright: (avoidant tone)
sort of not really I don’t know get off.

Noble: (obnoxious tone)
Take this stupid scarf (throws at Bright)

What were you doing down here before I left?

Mint: (explanatory tone)
She went to a show with me. We saw the same band that played tonight, oh ya.

Carly: (shocked tone)
You’ve seen that group before?

Samantha: (epiphany tone)
That guy kind of looks like a different person, isn’t he the same person that’s in that huge group where the guitarist guy has a funny hat?

Carly: (questionable tone)
So why is he playing in this weird band here?

Bright: (stressed tone)
It’s Duangelus okay lighten up have some fun for a change.

Lorraine: (confused tone)
(looking at one of the show pamphlets) I don’t see the name of the band on here, they never expressed there was going to be a live act, we usually walk to pre recorded music.

DJ: (radical tone)
(passing bye) Tell me about it, freaking rip off, that’s my gig!

Cliff: (urgent tone)
A dj? here’s my card, I might be available very soon in the future and might be looking to get into a different genre. Are you any good, doesn’t matter.

Rock fan#1: (breathless tone)
Will you sign my shirt?

Rock fan#2: (quick tone)
Me too, we love your 2nd album, it’s the best album ever.

Noble: (mush tone)
what’s your name, who should I make it out to?

Bright: (downward tone)
Kids, right now we are busy and in the middle of a serious conversation, their parents must not have taught them any manners.

Joans: (planning tone)
We should get out of the gallery space, meet me outside near our cars.

Lorraine: (flushed tone)

Carly: (fun tone)
Mint. Let’s go you and me and Sam and we’ll go do something.

Mint, Sam: (optimistic tone)
Literally. We were actually thinking of going to this little sushi bar, so.

Lorraine: (bothered tone)
I’m going home first.

Joans: (now tone)
Lo! car.

Cliff: (pathetic tone)
If you need a fourth wheel ladies I’d be happy to go with you seeing as well we kind of sat together.
(phone rings) Cliff’s phone…
…7:30, that’s in 45 minutes, I’d have to leave now.
Sorry, I’m booked up and have this business meeting down with the headquarters office downtown, short notice, they just called, I expected to be there.

Carly, Sam, Mint: (3 headed monster tone)
That’s okay, we’ll be around. Take a cab. Nice meeting you.

Bright: (inebriated tone)
Maybe we should get going “No”, if we want to see your daughter before she has to go to sleep.

Noble: (sympathetic tone)
I think I should see her. Let’s stop at the store first I want to get your mother something to thank her for her help. She probably feels pretty unappreciated.

(everyone leaves going their separate ways)

(Carly, Samantha & Mint at the Sushi Bar)

Carly: (driven tone)
Wait turn it up! Turn up the tv, I’m talking to you turn up your tv.

Gissop News Broadcast: (news tone)
Tonight during a runway show footage of Noble singer for the band Sukha with wife Bright in support of his fellow bandmate bassist Joans’ girlfriend who was walking in Evon’s show. And the model’s name is Lorraine.

Mint: (plead tone)
Turn it off. please.

Gissop News:
What they didn’t expect while being here? Fellow rockstar peer Phillip Filardo playing music under an alias The Italian Cafe on contract for the night. He made a scene and put his hat on Noble’s wife’s head then threw his scarf at Noble. According to this footage, Noble doesn’t look very happy. Looks like a rock ‘n’ roll feud, what do you think?

Mint: (plead tone)
It’s not a feud. Change the channel.

Samantha: (disorganized tone)
We don’t have to worry about them all the time Carly. That’s just garbage news. Who even took that footage?

Carly: (public tone)
Seriously, I think I saw did you see that everyone! that was me, kind of…

Samantha: (silent)
(covers face)

Mint: (abhorrent tone)
Can we get a check, and cancel my order, I’m just paying for the drinks.
(grabs coat and walks outside, the other two follow shortly after)

(Bright at her mother’s home with Noble playing with their daughter and talking to her mother)

Fairagin: (amusing tone)
Look how happy she is with him around. Bright you need to stop telling yourself things aren’t going to work out, you’ll be just fine.

Bright: (losing tone)
Tonight at that show for Lorraine, there was a huge scene, I bet it’s all over the news, we weren’t even supposed to be seen there, no one is suppose to know Noble is in town.

Fairagin: (protective tone)
It wasn’t me, it’s not like the news is breaking down my door asking for you two.

Bright: (obvious tone)
I wasn’t implying anything mom.

Noble: (playing tone)
(playing on the floor with his little kid and using a stuffed animal making noises and sounds kids would smile about)

Noble: (amazed tone)
I’m pretty sure she remembers me.

Bright: (persistent tone)
Of course she remembers you, it’s like some environmental unconscious genetical thing that kids are born with, they just know their parents.

Fairagin: (intellectual tone)
I read most kids are happy, she seems to like anyone that comes around.
I’ve been reading a little bit about kids while you’ve been away.

Bright: (abstract tone)
That’s great mom, tell him he’s not the father too.

Noble: (soft tone)
(speaking and looking at the kid) your daddy loves you, do you love your daddy?
Ali, can you say Noble.

Fairagin: (bowed tone)
She’s not really saying full words. Not for me at least.

Noble: (positive tone)
Can’t hurt to try. We all start somewhere.

Bright: (confident tone)
Say mommy Ali, can you say mommy.
(bright picks up Ali and she starts crying)
…stop crying, it’s okay, it’s mommy. shhhh.

Fairagin: (advice tone)
Here let me have her, I’ve figured out a trick to help that.

Bright: (blocked tone)
She’s my kid. My kid’s going to cry if my kid wants to cry while I’m holding her.

Noble: (sure tone)
Stop being so difficult please. She’s the godmother after all, it’s not like she’s stealing her away from you. If anything was to happen to you or me hopefully she would be there.

Fairagin: (serious tone)
That’s a lot of work Noble to be responsible for your child, I appreciate the gesture, but maybe you just need to try harder next time the voices in your head start talking.

Bright: (helpless tone)
He’s not schizophrenic, he’s depressed, we all do you know. It’s not like your perfect.

Fairagin: (clarify tone)
We tried putting Bright on meds when she was younger but she was just act out and cause more trouble then we wanted to deal with so we had to put her into a different school.

Noble: (honest tone)
I didn’t fall for your daughter for where she went to school. She spoke to me in a way that was different, like she knew me, she made me want to grow up.

I think, it’s time for the little one to go to sleep.

Fairagin: (friendless tone)
We should give her a bottle first.

Honestly, you weren’t around Bright, you just weren’t around, okay. I did what I had to get by, like you should be doing now, but you’re not and you are relying on me.

Noble: (forward tone)
Look, we’ve been having some issues you don’t have to be rude.
I think it might be best if we find another place to stay tomorrow,…
we’ll take Ali with us.

Bright: (private tone)
How much money did you bring because I only brought enough to go shopping and I was going to meet my band-mates and talk business and they thought we could set up a meeting to work out a deal while I’m in town…

Fairagin: (sober tone)
Same old Bright, always thinking about herself. Ya I get it.

Noble: (business tone)
I’ll talk to Cliff, he could probably hook us up with something for a deal. He knows a lot of suits around town.

(Cliff is in his office talking to a Label Exec helping Dove with a deal for a new contract for a new band idea Dove has planned for the future.)

Cliff: (sales tone)
I think, Dove here has the new sound that your Label is going to need to propel you into the next decade. He’s shown me some music tapes he recorded in a small budget studio that sound even bigger and more aggressive than the what Sukha does.
(side comment to Dove) grab the tapes…

Dove: (business tone)
All the music is recorded through a small studio mixer with a few room mics not exactly hi fi but if you listen you can hear the overall ideas and concrete structure of the songs.

Label Exec: (thoughtful tone)
Does Noble and Joans know you guys are going in a different direction?

Dove: (cautious tone)
Through communicating with them I’ve kind of, haven’t really had time to really talk in private. No.

This can wait, I’m not quitting the other band if they want to still write music.

Label Exec: (Coach tone)
And your commitment to them won’t get in the way of us trying to make your band skyrocket into the top 100 charts. Even if we use the most modern techniques of advertising.

Cliff: (pathetic tone)
If you think it can sell, we’re in.
This is kind of weird. A few weeks ago you were ready to drop the band now you want to start a new venture, what changed your mind?

Label Exec: (enlightened tone)
The kids are going in a different direction. The music scene is changing. People are changing. The clothes and fashion is looking different these days. New music is coming and the old music will always have a place in history.

This is a business we have to do what’s in our best interest. We don’t think your old band will sell anymore. The latest Utopia album was a flop.

You can keep making the same music but that doesn’t mean people will keep listening.

Dove: (chronicle tone)
You said your old band like as if this is our new band but it’s not.
This is my band, those other guys aren’t a part of it because I asked Joans and he declined my offer to try something different. Those guys know I came from another band to join theirs. I’m not even going to ask Noble, we all know what he would say. Joans is like his Noble’s big sidekick because they grew up together.

Cliff: (fricative tone)
We said we could get you a product you’d be happy with and this is what we’ve done. Do we have a deal?

Label Exec: (common tone)
I’m not going to say yes or no, instead I think we should just wait and see if I’m wrong. Let me put this contract in my desk and if the scene changes like I think it will, I’ll call you and we’ll pull out the pens and champagne.

(from a pay phone at a club)

Carly: (projected tone)
(calls Bright) (ring)

Fairagin: (quiet tone)

Carly: (loud tone)
Is Bright there?

Fairagin: (normal tone)
Bright, it’s one of your friends.

Bright: (phone tone)

Carly: (busy tone)
Bright, it’s Carly, we were at that Sushi place Mint wanted to go to and when we were waiting for the food there was a tv exclusion on that gissop show, and they had footage of the runway show, the show is spreading news around that you’re not going to like.

Mint: (interruptive tone)
Are you talking to my sister?

Sam: (ignore tone)
Let’s go dance.

Bright: (accused tone)
(covering the phone) Carly is saying we were on TV again, I think she said they are making something out of nothing again. It was hard to hear her with the loud music in the background.

Noble: (dough tone)
We all know what happened, we were there.

Fairagin: (concerned tone)
What’s going on? Did you guys do something? Is everything okay.

Bright: (serious tone)
We’re fine mom. …look Carly don’t worry about it, Like I said before you need to ignore everything they say they make up lies and make up stories from nothing.

Carly: (indifferent tone)
That’s what Sam was saying, you really don’t care. that’s strange because if it was me I would have to know what people were saying about me.

Noble: (getting upset tone)
What’s she saying?

Bright: (impersonal tone)
She thinks we need to know everything they say and it’s really important to pay attention to the stories they concoct.

Noble: (direct tone)
Okay, tell her to mind her own business and when the story is about her to call you.

Bright: (what tone)
I’m not going to say that!

Fairagin: (obvious tone)
That’s not very nice Noble.

Carly: (disruptive tone)
Bright, are you still there? hello….I think she hung up. (hangs up phone)

Bright: (pointed tone)
Carly….(hangs up phone)

Sam, Mint: (excited tone)
We are going to talk to those guys over there, they’ve been looking in this direction the whole time you’ve been on the phone Carly. Come on. Hurry up.

Carly: (eager tone)
ya ya I’m coming.

(Cliff and Dove after their meeting with the Label executive)

Cliff: (focused tone)
I need to call Noble, I had his number in my wallet, it’s somewhere in here.

maybe it’s in these drawers. I keep meaning to organize.

Dove: (helpful tone)
You mean Bright’s mom’s house phone. He gave me the number for emergencies, she’s a nice lady, wait, let me see if… nope, I don’t have it either on second thought.

Cliff: (forward tone)
Here it is, This has to be the right number, does that look like Noble’s handwriting?

Dove: (consistent tone)
Let me see. that’s his handwriting exactly.

Cliff: (optimistic tone)
I can’t wait to tell Noble the news, remember how pissed off he got when he found out you guys weren’t going to carry the deal through for another record.

Dove: (backward tone)
No remember I was the one that was so angry because I thought he was moving in on that girl then I spilled the news about all that stuff.

Cliff: (self tone)
Now that the Label is willing to hear what he’s got planned for the new record before they drop the band completely this should change everything.

(phone rings)

Bright: (tired tone)
Don’t pick it up mom. It’s probably just Carly again telling us Space ghost wants to interview Noble for the cartoon network.

Noble: (crack tone)
ahahahaha! Space ghost….

(Ali started crying from all the noise)

Cliff: (finish tone)
He’s not picking up. I’ll let it ring a few more times. Nothing. (hangs up)
…(outside the building)…
I’m staying here for another couple of weeks so we’ll talk when your back in town.

Dove: (serious tone)
That’s the plan like I said my schedule is so busy I’m going to work with the other guys tell them the news then travel back here then I have to go back up there so we can start a mini tour we’re trying to hit both coasts and all major cities for the next month.

Paparazzi guy: (spotted tone)
What were you guys talking about up there? Aren’t you the manager for uh, (snaps fingers) what’s the name of that band, you’re the manager for that rocker band right. ya that’s you.
Hey you’re a drummer right.

Dove: (adjusted tone)
Not for long.

Paparazzi: (searching tone)
so did you want to say something to the camera. hey let me ask you a question.

Cliff: (complacent tone)
Look buddy leave us alone alright, I don’t know what you’re doing in this part of town so just buzz off alright.

(Cliff and Dove get into a car and drive away. Joans is found talking to Lorraine at her house/apartment/loft)

Joans: (casual tone)
Now that the band is taking a break we should travel somewhere, do you want to go somewhere with me? I was thinking Europe, when we toured there it was really nice over there, I really liked France. We could stay in france for awhile unless you want to go to Spain. how about Spain?

Lorraine: (crucial tone)
I’m not sure if that’s a good idea right now, I just lost a job connection. Evon knows every designer in America, if I get blacklisted by him do you know how hard it will be to get work. He’ll tell everyone I messed up.

Joans: (baffled tone)
That doesn’t make any sense. I just said let’s go to Europe and you said you might be able to find work in America. Didn’t I just say that. You didn’t mess up, I did.

Lorraine: (powerful tone)
Not for vacation, your being sweet but I need to be independent. Women work too you know, I can provide for myself.

Joans: (prosperous tone)
Let me help you out, I’ve got some money saved up and I want to.

Lorraine: (grossed tone)
I’m not going to Europe Joans. Those girls are paper thin and they smoke all the time in France. You know I don’t smoke.

Joans: (joking tone)
Never too late to start a new bad habit. (holding a cigarette) that’s weird when you really analyze it, I smoke; but you don’t, smoke, but you date me. are you saying I need to quit because that might be difficult.

Lorraine: (distracted tone)
Right now I just want to take a shower then change and if you want to like you said while we were driving home we can go out get something to eat or a drink I’m not completely angry at you as much as I am upset at the people in this city. Do they hate love?
Joans: (hateful tone)
What do you think? Don’t all the movies express their desire to make the world unhappy with each other by taking each other’s lovers from one another. It’s so depressing.

Lorraine: (objective tone)
When you phrase it that way that kind of does seem depressing. I bet Noble’s life is terrible, his songs are really depressing.

Joans: (ignored tone)
Says you.

Lorraine: (deceptive tone)
If you compare your band to lots of other bands famous right now.

Joans: (impersonal tone)
Maybe you don’t get our lifestyle, this is a different culture, it’s a different style, everything doesn’t always have to be about the Pixney kids and their bebop sing alongs. I thought that’s why you liked me?

Lorraine: (hopeful tone)
I like you because your taller than me, I’m a 5’11” model. do you know what it’s like trying to find a decent guy in a city where the average height is 3 inches too short.

Joans: (dull tone)
That’s depressing.

Lorraine: (expressive tone)
I don’t mean it like that. You’re lovely the way you are, even if you do come from giant tree killers.

Joans: (accusatory tone)
Nice to know you were brought up in a family that looks down on other people I wish I would have known that when I met you. Maybe tonight was a sign and you know what I think we should take some time to think about what we have and whether or not we should have a future together.

Lorraine: (hurt tone)
Is that what they taught you growing up in Clearingwash or Fehenadol or whatever it’s called? To run away from your problems.

Joans: (disgusted tone)
I could have done what Noble did and found a girl in the rock scene. What so you’re the only girl I can get now; Bright has a sister that was all over me tonight. And all I could think about was you.

Lorraine: (cheeky tone)
And now you’re cheating on me while I’m still in the room. First comes thought then comes the action. You’ve already started planning your escape right before my eyes.

Joans: (dispute tone)
I’m not the one trying to escape this whole thing, you just said you don’t want to go to Europe with me.
…Either way.

Lorraine: (inhuman tone)
Real professional Joans, you’re acting like a 17 year old kid. It’s not like it’s easy living in this city, stuff is expensive, my rent is as much as that mansion of a house Noble is living in and I’ve only got 1000 square feet.

Joans: (argumentative tone)
Moving in together was never even talked about, is that what you want, you want me to commit to you more because maybe I’m just not ready for that.

Sam, Carly, Mint: (shivering tone)
(knock knock) Are you sure it’s okay that I’m coming with you she barely even knows me. We’re all friends it’s cool. Let’s hope they’re here. (knock knock ring)

Lorraine: (angry tone)
I was just about to get in the shower you should probably get that I’m going to go change into some clothes better suited for whoever is at the door.

Joans: (acting tone)
Ladies! How did you find us?

Samantha: (lead tone)
There was some guys we met at a club and they knew Lorraine they’d been here before after we were all talking they sort of spilled that they’ve met her and we asked where she lived so we could drop in and here we are.

Joans: (judgmental tone)
Good idea I guess except if they were lying and you would’ve had to drive to some strangers place. And if he wanted you to go to some seedy place in town where they planned to kidnap you, what then?

Mint: (worried tone)
I guess we did trust him quite a bit.

Joans: (cold tone)
What guy, who were you talking to, what did he look like?

Carly: (searching tone)
Where’s Lorraine? Is she not even here.

Joans: (distracted tone)
She’s in the shower, or wait, no she’s changing.

Mint: (afraid tone)
You look sort of upset is everything okay because I kind of feel like we came at the wrong time, does anyone want to maybe leave as in now.

(a knock at the door)

Samantha: (insinuating tone)
We might have failed to mention, those guys that we met at the club, they showed us how to get here and we asked them to stay and probably thought that if you were here they could come inside and we could all hang out.

Carly: (pompous tone)
There’s four girls here and just you so by bringing them here it would even things out more right.

Joans: (thought tone)
(it’s bass pounding time)
What’s up guys. which one of you knows Lorraine.

Club Guy #1: (innocent tone)

(Joans unleashes fury of fists into guys face, girls are screaming, Lorraine comes running out pleading for the other guy, exclaiming his importance over Joans which only make Jonas angrier, Club guys friends run away during all the commotion and jump into their car, Joans chases them to their car and smacks his hands onto the window telling them to get out of the car.)


V…We All Saw This Coming

(Noble arrives back from doing publicity for the band and a live unplugged acoustic performance on the east coast, he is picked up at the airport by Bright.)

(driving the car) Bright: (profound tone)
When you were gone doing your music and interviews I took the liberty of hiring some people to take care of the house cleaning the house.

Noble: (negative tone)
And how much did that cost me?

Bright: (casual tone)
The prices were reasonable I made sure to find the company with the best prices.
when the cleaning crew was taking care of the main floor they asked me if they could move some things and I mention to them sure, go ahead.

Noble: (cautious tone)
Was there a problem, did they accidentally break something?

Bright: (remark tone)
No, they didn’t break anything, they asked to move all the instruments from the living room so they put them in the backyard storage building. That way the house would be more thoroughly cleaned.

Noble: (bothered tone)
Like on the grass?!

Bright: (emphatic tone)
In the backyaaaard. The storage the building whatever you call it you know.

Noble: (dull tone)

Bright: (stern tone)
If you want to find your guitars or drums they should be in the storage building in the backyard, okay.

Noble: (sarcastic tone)
Why didn’t you just ask them to put everything back after they were done? If they move the couches they put those back where they go don’t they?

(They both get out of the car and Noble opens the trunk carrying his bag inside.)

Noble: (cross tone)
Now that you bring it up, a while ago I’m not sure if you noticed the glass is broken to the door because I couldn’t find the keys while you were gone so I broke it to get inside, did you end up getting that fixed?

Bright: (informed tone)
Ya I had that fixed too. The guy was really nice said next time you could try a few different ways of getting the door unlocked without breaking the windows, I can tell some of them if you want.

Noble: (relieved tone)

(Feeling tired he decides to take an afternoon nap, wakes up, finds a note, his daughter and wife are gone)

(phone rings)
Noble: (groggy tone)
Who is it?

Bright: (cackle tone)
Noble have you been awake for a very long time? Did you see the note.

Noble: (sleepy tone)
You said you’re driving to your mother’s house with Ali. Is everything okay?

(at a gas station pay phone) Bright: (spacey tone)
My band wants to do some press and my mother said she could watch Ali if I bring her, that way you don’t have to worry about her. We’re probably going to play some shows while were here I’ll only be gone for a few days at the most a week.

I left some of your favorite food in the fridge and bought some beer.

Noble: (confused tone)
your welcome?

You didn’t have to take Ali with you, I can handle my own business. Your being kind of over protective.

Bright: (angry tone)
Maybe you need to realize you don’t see the way you appear and you don’t see how other people see you, a lot of people don’t think your well suited for taking care of our daughter.

Noble: (bothered tone)
That was just tabloid nonsense,…on the tv. No one’s actually saying that, they meant you too.

Storyline Narrative: (no voice)
(Noble wonders around the house for a minute to have a look around, stops after he notices some pictures, goes into the living room and turns on the tv, watches for a minute, mutes the tv, kind of stares off at nothing, almost looking around as if trying to listen for something outside. He puts down the control and walks over to the door that leads to the backyard out through the kitchen. He doesn’t see anything. He starts pacing through the kitchen like he has something on his mind. Noble walks outside after grabbing the keys off the counter and goes to have a look to see if his instruments are really outside. He opens the storage building and most of his stuff is just crammed in there. He just like of looks at everything disapprovingly. Then reaches for the acoustic guitar found in a case and pulls it from the rubble. He shuts the door not locking it and walks over to the greenhouse building. Unlocks the door and turns on the lights. The room is all neat and tidy, but there is nothing to sit on so he sits on the floor and opens the guitar case. He picks up the guitar and starts to play then feeling out of place, puts down the guitar and stands up. He walks back over to the storage building and finds a stool. Then he brings the stool back to the greenhouse building. He sets the stool in the middle of the room on the rug, picks up the guitar and sits backs on the stool and starts playing his guitar to himself. He does this for a few minutes until he gets distracted by some noises he hears coming from the house.)

Noble: (shout tone)
(Looking out into the darkness towards his house from the lit up greenhouse)

(some birds fly out of a tree nearby)

Hey If there’s someone over there you can come out now!

(He starts walking toward the house with the neck of the guitar tightly grasped between his fingers. He gets to the backdoor and thinks he should go through the front door so he gently puts the guitar down on the steps in front of the back door and runs around to the front of the house where he quietly opens the front door peaking his head inside the door. He can see the glow of the tv from where he’s standing in the front entry way but he doesn’t hear anything nor does he see anything. Right then he begins to wonder if he’s just losing it.)

(talking to himself) Noble: (whispers tone)
What the hell, there’s nothing here, I’m going crazy.

(He walks over to the stairs and sits down on the steps putting his head into his hand making it look like he’s going to cry.)

Noble: (wailed tone)
Ali. Helllo? Bright. Is anybody there?

(Suddenly there’s a creaking noise followed by the sound of his guitar he left outside falling and making a noise it would make if it fell. He hears the clicking of what he thinks is the back door shutting. Now he’s very frightened so he runs up the stairs as fast as he can to grab his gun he keeps in his room. He slowly walks down the stairs and towards the kitchen. Before he gets there he picks up the remote control and turns off the tv so there is no light. He sneaks through the darkness within the house. He has a view of the back door and can see through the glass but he doesn’t really see anything. The closer he gets to the door he realizes the guitar is still sitting on the porch in front of the door where he thinks he left it. He can’t believe this.)

(talking to himself) Noble: (quiet tone)
That’s not possible. I put it right in front of the door, did they put it back?

(Knowing he can’t get outside now without making noise he hurries quietly toward another way out of the house. Noble leaves the front door wide open and finds himself in the backyard gun in hand picking up the guitar and peering out into the darkness near his home. He’s now focusing on the lighting coming from the greenhouse. After wandering around his property for a short amount of time he determines he’s just acting crazy and maybe this is a hallucination. He settles himself inside the greenhouse. The gun is loaded and armed but he leaves the gun on the kitchen counter before going back outside. Noble grabs a beer from the fridge. It seems flat when he opens it but he drinks it anyway. He forgets to shut the back door leaving it wide open. The drink is laced with something and causes Noble to fall asleep playing his guitar, at first strumming regularly then slowing down until eventually being too tired and falling asleep with his guitar in hand. He is woken by the sound of metal hitting glass which sounds like explosions in his head startling him, what he finds when he opens his eyes is a person holding his rifle cocked and loaded and tapping on the glass of the door to the green house. The door is open. His eyes focus and he sees Bright staring him down with the barrel of a gun pointed right at him.)

Noble: (gravely tone)
I thought you were gone.

Bright: (angry tone)
Ali doesn’t need a father like you. She’ll be better off without you in her life.

Noble: (confused tone)
Why are you doing this?

Bright: (bold tone)
I’m not even sure if she’s really yours.

Noble: (weak tone)
I love you, I love you both.

Bright: (confident tone)
The cleaners found your letter and showed it to me. When were you going to tell me you wanted to quit. Huh! What am I going to do, what about Ali! Were you going to kill yourself?

Noble: (softly tone)
Be careful with the gun it’s live.
…give me the gun.

Bright: (rude tone)

Noble: (plead tone)

(Noble lunges toward Bright in an attempt to take the gun away from her. They fight over who has the gun. They only make some slight noises no yelling or screaming while fighting over the gun. Bright has the handle near her hand with one hand on the barrel meanwhile Noble his hands on the barrel trying to push the gun away from him. He leans his head down and thrusts himself forcing his arms out in front of him pushing Bright back where she slams into the building causing her nerves to twitch and her fingers pulling on the trigger. The gun blasts towards Noble killing him. Bright is left in shock. She is frozen for the moment staring at the sight. You never see Noble’s body. She immediately leaves. Based on what she mentioned to everyone she knew they would think she was already in somewhere else at the time. No one would know. Earlier she flew down to her mother’s and dropped off her daughter immediately catching the next flight back. Now here she is standing looking at her husband’s dead body. She had stashed her car at the gas station where she called from earlier pretending to be somewhere else and decides to make a run for it and once she gets to her car she will be able to further her plans to escape.)

(A neighbor arrives to ask a favor to borrow or ask for a ladder and sees the front door open. He decides to walk inside.)

Neighbor: (cautious tone)
Uh, Noble. You there. I just needed to borrow a ladder. I’m doing some work and . hellllooo!

(He walks through the house for a minute, doesn’t see anybody around, but because the door was open thinks maybe they might be home or just left to run an errand and will be right back. He walks outside and heads for the storage building to see if he can find a ladder to borrow. Looking around he sees both doors are not locked but the greenhouse building seems more suspicious looking then the storage building. He grabs the ladder from the storage building but before leaving leans it up against the building and walks over to the greenhouse building. As he gets closer he notices there is a person there that he can see through the glass. Finally when he gets close enough he witnesses the seriousness of the situation and immediately freaks out. He runs away as fast as possible not enough stepping inside to see if the person is okay or alive and calls the emergency services. They arrive sometime later to identify the body. The neighbor claims he knows the person who owns the house and tells them it’s rockstar Noble Bleche’s house. Based on the body they can’t properly identify the body at the scene. Eventually the medics identify the body through finger prints.)

News Anchor Major: (console tone)
Today is a sad day for music fans all across America. We regret to inform you Noble Bleche has committed suicide. He was found in his pacific northwest home earlier today. Based on the autopsy report by a medical staff his body had been dead for more than three days when the police found him. We all mourn for the family and friends and sincerely apologize for such a sad ending to his life. Now we go to the statement made by police.

(broadcast changes to a recorded report done locally at the time with the police making a statement)

Police Chief: (conscious tone)
We are very sorry for the families loss. We do report that it does appear to be a suicide. After searching the house we did find a note that did appear to look and sound like a suicide note. This evidence was collected and we will be doing some more research into the investigation but at this time we have no further evidence. The weapon that caused the fatal blow was a regular hunting rifle. In summary the note clearly said I love you and had an apologetic and sorry theme. At this time there is nothing more we can tell you.

(There are fans and people shown reacting to the news broadcast. In remembrance fans leave candles and gather for a large community style cessation to represent the passing.)

(In this scene people are shown remembering the singer speaking on how they feel about his death)

(Next we see people inside a church during the procession for a funeral of Noble and one by one people come up to the podium to tell the group what he meant to them and how his life will be missed. The entire thing is conducted by Joans as the eulogist.)

Joans: (conduct tone)
I appreciate you all decided to come to our private funeral service for Noble. I don’t want to take up too much of anyone’s time because I know we all have a busy schedule and busy lives, so I’ll just get started right away and let’s open up the floor for anyone that wants to come up and share their thoughts about Noble.


Kale Vipe: (somber tone)
We spoke to each other a lot over the past few weeks, if something was going on I wish he could be open enough with me to share his feelings. I would have completely understood what he was going through and been there for him.

Ted Bedner: (ruthless tone)
In the past we had a feud but that was over, if we had time to speak maybe we could have helped each other out, I felt like I had the same problems.

Stan Olds: (appreciative tone)
Knowing that he left a quote in that final letter means so much to me and I really appreciated the music he made, he was a fan of me, and I was a fan of him.

Tristan Wheat: (useless tone)
When I got the news I was with my band and we were about to go on stage, I guess we were lucky our music was really driven by that raw emotion so we could vent our frustrations.

Ben Fallins: (honored tone)
The best personages of our time tend to fall less gracefully than others do and that’s the kind of disastrous ending that makes Noble an even greater influence on the people of his time.

Frank White: (bothered tone)
He’s just a kid that made rock music and after his death people were all asking me how I felt that he said his best hit was probably based on my work, deal with it, get over it, move on with your life.

Angelo Lin: (sad tone)
He did a cover of one of my songs once and it didn’t feel disingenuous at all, I wanted to get a chance to work with him, but it would have meant even more to me if I had a chance to talk.

Teto Receive: (poetic tone)
Simply put, like a fireball cannon blasting through the air doomed to explode, he was great, and blew up, for all to see his wonderful light shining, an everlasting star.

Stony Adult: (crazy tone)
This was a guy who changed a scene doing it by being a moody whiny screaming kid that everyone could relate to, and people loved him.

Del Rock: (arrogant tone)
Not being easily impressed, I saw him once in my hometown, people suggested I come down and see for myself, the show went on like moody 90’s rock does, after the show, he came up to me to shake my hand and happened to be wearing my name on his shirt, what else do you have to say.

Tevin Mylon: (poetic tone)
Whichever way the story takes you the road is unique and he did a uniquely personal thing for all of us to watch and be a part of, truly great.

Goat Organ: (symbolic tone)
When he came onto the scene he immediately became the symbol of youth for everyone to look up to and there will has not been a person like him sense.

Slice: (chill tone)
He made music people wanted to hear; that’s perfect.

Tap Smooth: (happy/sad tone)
I’m just grateful to have the chance to meet him and work with him and know him at all.

Craig Dirkmetal: (bizarre tone)
In my memory he just went for it and he got us all on stage and in the presence of people who would have never heard us otherwise and that’s rock n roll at its finest hour. What a tragedy he has to leave all of us.

(Here’s what his band mates and loved one’s had to say about Noble’s death)

Dove Growl: (shocked tone)
We weren’t ever really best buds from the beginning but there was chemistry there and I knew that he cared enough to want me around. I’m glad I stayed, we were successful and I helped with that but I’m disappointed knowing he really wasn’t as happy as he might have pretended to be and maybe we were all a bit too hard on him for his faults when things didn’t always work out. If we look back at it now those moments will be the times we live to cherish and it’s all I’ll ever have of him. I don’t think I want to look at or play a drum set ever again. Listening to that music brings me to tears and I can’t think about having to play those songs anymore.

Joans Yesloc: (eulogist tone)
When people we love leave us we are forever in their debt for teaching us what they knew and showing us the love they gave us. He was a wonderful person who really did care about the people around him. He might have had a struggle or two in his life but he never let that stop him from doing powerful art and I believe he won’t stop having a lasting effect on our lives.

Fairagin O’Summer: (stunned tone)
I feel like a lost child, I have nothing to hold, What I loved is gone.

(lastly Bright is not in attendance but Joans shows footage of the big parade rally held in Noble’s honor. and shares footage of Bright’s big speech to the crowd where she tells everyone to f**k off!)

Joans: (stolid tone)
I want to briefly show everyone this video I made earlier in the week at the rally we held in Noble’s honor with all his fans.

Bright “Cove”: (angry tone)
Listen to me, he is a selfish egotistical maniac that broke all of our hearts including mine. I want you to say f**k you a**hole! Because that’s what he is, he’s an a**hole, for quitting on us when he should have stuck around and tried harder to believe in the difference he made to all of us. I know he loves his daughter and he said he loves me. He’s gone and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what this will do to the people who listened to his music and what he must have been going through.

(Video tape cuts off. Screen fades to blue screen of death all over)

(All the people from the funeral gather in Joans house talking casually when one person tells a story about Noble and everyone seems to listen, then another person tells something, now the whole group is listening as one by one they share stories about their real life with Noble and of course Bright is not in attendance, she is off somewhere escaping reality at the moment.)

Dove: (sentimental tone)
You know what’s kind of funny. One time on tour we were minding our own business after a show sitting at a late night eatery, they served some fancy stuff and these girls come walking around the corner dressed in their business skirts and hair pulled tight with bright lipstick stained puffy lips and the whole package very high maintenance, the opposite of the kind of music we make, right, well, Noble is drunk and he shouts at the girls, “hey girls let me see your tits!” And they act like this has never happened in their life, they don’t even recognize him, so he stands up and pulls his pants down and moons them, those girls laughed so hard, it was unbelievable. I remember we laughed so hard after that.

Joans: (copious tone)
Noble was always being crazy. In the hotel room you might have heard how we busted up a few things once in a while, but that wasn’t even it, Noble would get us to play all these little games, like we were kids. There was this one time in the midwest, we were lodged up at this place in the middle of nowhere so we just start entertaining ourselves. The whole thing gets out of hand and then next thing we know stuff is breaking everywhere. It all started as a joke but sometimes he just took things way too serious. He loses a game of cards and decides he’s going to break the lamp. Then says double or nothing so we say okay let’s play. He loses again, then he breaks two more items in the room. And this kept happening but when you think about this lunatic in the room with you throwing all your stuff around it’s just kind of entertaining.

(Because of the situation and their memories people just start to laugh for no reason only because at that time laughing seems better than all the crying they’ve been doing.)

Bluma: (storied tone)
There were a few times he came into my coffee shop and tried to pretend to be a barista. He would climb behind the counter, he always went right over the counter, he never used the side entrance, and he was like “where’s my apron” so we’d give him an apron then he start making frappuccinos and cappuccinos, a person walks in and he jumps to the counter asking them what he can do for them. There was this one girl who recognized him and she just fell on the floor like she’d just seen a ghost making her coffee. It was so funny.

(The group is now starting to feel the buzz from the story telling and laughter)

Samantha: (sweetly tone)
I didn’t really know him that well, we only started getting to know each other about a month or two ago. He use to do these little things where when we were at his house he would dress like an old man and when we knocked on the door he would answer and pretend to be this old man and would tell us we had the wrong house then slam the door in our face, then he would run upstairs I guess, we’d keep knocking and he would open the door dressed totally different and let us in, it was kind of weird but now that you think about it he really did like amusing people.

Cliff: (honest tone)
You know I loved that guy and would do anything for him, he meant a lot to me but as his manager you know we were on a personal level so of course I knew him like that. This one night, he just had terrible gas man, and I’m driving him to the store from a show to get some beer and cigarettes and every time we stopped at a stop sign or stop light he would fart. At first I was like, what the hell, c’mon Noble, what are you doing. Then after a few I could tell he was doing it on purpose. Suddenly I’m racing to the store speeding past stop signs, I even ran a red light, we were lucky I didn’t get caught I just didn’t want to have to smell him anymore.

(the group bursts up laughing about the weird stories of Noble,.

Random girl #1: (boastful tone)
did you ever see him eat a pack of cigarettes because I did. he said it won’t make a difference.

Random guy #1: (humored tone)
I was at a concert one night where he was so drunk or drugged that he falls asleep during the performance, then a few minutes later jumps back up and acts like nothing happened.

Random guy #2: (gracious tone)
He took the shirt off his back for me when I was homeless and when I heard the news I wanted to show my support.

Random girl #2: (youthful tone)
we were kids together and we all went to a girls house and I guess everyone says Noble slept with the girl at the house but we would never do that then later he called us all pussies, but I guess he also said it was gross because the chick was fat.

Friend #3: (strange tone)
He use to tell people he was a child raping elf sent to earth to enslave all the little children with his devil rock and roll.

Friend #4: (gross tone)
I heard that when Bright was pregnant he would beg her to have sex with him because he wanted to know what it was like to have sex with a pregnant girl.

Friend #5: (divisive tone)
Maybe that’s why they claimed they were doing heroin during her pregnancy.

The group: (choired tone)

Friend #5: (dumped tone)
His dick is the needle.

The group: (unison tone)
Hahahaha huh..

..The group of people eventually leave the house and the party begins to fade as the night comes to a close. Joans and Dove and Cliff and some of the girls who knew Noble close are all sitting together on some couches kind of passed out half awake from all the hysteria.)

(Screen fades to pitch black out of the darkness, the screen stays dark, there is a pause; then through the shadow out walks Noble, the backdrop staying dark.)

Noble: (relieved tone)
My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I feel great. Why is it so dark in here?

(He stumbles around the room until he finds his guitar.)

Noble: (overlooking tone)
How did this get here?

(He picks up his guitar from the floor and walks out of the room carrying his instrument.)

Noble: (Abroad tone)
Someone left the door open to the kitchen. Hello?
(speaking to himself)
Where is everybody?

(Suddenly he starts thinking about his daughter and wanting to see her, as he’s thinking about it, he realizes how he messed up and remembers the phone call from yesterday. He sort of cries about it then stops and opens his eyes. He thinks about how she must be with Bright’s mother. Walking through the kitchen of the house then into the main entry way near the front door he pauses then sits on the stairs. He struggles to see where his hand is in the darkness and begins playing a song that reminds him of his daughter. His playing connected with his thoughts transport him through time and space. As he opens his eyes he’s no longer sitting in the entryway of his house and instead finds himself sitting on the couch with his daughter playing on the floor before him.)

Noble: (startled tone)
(kind of not aware of what’s happening) Ali!, …ali? Fairagin. Why can’t you hear me. . .

(They can’t hear him but he can see them. He tries to move a glass from the counter but he can’t grab it.)

Ali: (baby tone)
Dada.. .

(Noble looks at Ali and asks her to say Dad again as she appears to look in his direction but doesn’t say anything.)

Fairagin: (childish tone)
Your daddy is not here right now. He’s gone somewhere.

Ali: (defiant tone)

Noble: (persistent tone)
It’s me. I’m here. I love you.

(His daughter falls on her butt and says No)

(With no luck again he feels out of place and lost stuck wondering what’s really happened to his life. Noble tries to decipher how he went from one place to another only through feeling.)

Fairagin: (lesson tone)
Look how far you went Ali, you went from here to there. See you did that yourself. Good job. Now try again okay, now come to me.

(Noble looks up from his hands with that look of the thoughts in his head making sense. He’s happy to see his daughter yet upset to know this life is now artifical unlike before with all the pain and struggle his life was real and he could communicate connecting with his life now he will only be able to see what’s happening. His thoughts turn to his friends from his band, Joans and Dove. He begins to wonder where they are. He starts playing his guitar, one of the songs that reminds him of the first hit they had together. As he begins playing his eyes see himself transported to the place his friends are found. This time he tries saying nothing upon the immediacy of his other worldly transpositioning.)

Dove: (sober tone)
Did you just feel that?

Joans: (depressed tone)

Dove: (sterile tone)
I just got the chills.

(To be sure that his friends don’t see or hear him Noble speaks some words aloud.)

Noble: (cunning tone)
Do it yourself.

(Nothing happens on the faces of his friends, they appear to not notice he’s there. He begins to deal with the reality of his after-life through comical vision of prosperity.)

(Standing in front of the room like a teacher)

Noble: (comedic tone)
If you guys want to be successful you’re going to have to get off your asses and do something. You’re not going to get anywhere by sitting around pouting about my silly death. I did exactly what I wanted to do with my life then when I got what I wanted I wasted it. I’m the only one to blame for my life.

Dove: (deft tone)
Let’s, …uh

Joans: (toiled tone)
Dove: (pumped tone)
Let’s do something, right now. let’s go do something, where do you want to go?

Joans: (shyly-eager tone)
Uhhh,..I don’t know, where do you want to go?

Noble: (exclaimed tone)
How about Fiji? Or maybe Paris you always wanted to go to Paris, right!

Dove: (suggestive tone)
I have always liked France. We should go to France.

Joans: (swollen tone)
I asked Lorraine to go to Europe before we had that big fight, then with everything that’s happened, I haven’t spoken to her. I’ve been busy. How did you know about that, I never mentioned that to anyone?

Dove: (suggestive tone)
You want to go to France?

Joans: (conspiring tone)

Noble: (satirical tone)
This is it. (smiling and sits down grinning cheek to cheek)
I can do anything I want now and go anywhere I want, as long as you take me with you.

(Noble talking to himself)

Noble: (deciphering tone)
If I was at my house, then I was in my mother-in-law’s family room, and now I’m in the studio,

(He starts thinking about Bright. He figures he should just start by playing her favorite song. He picks up his guitar and starts playing, now he’s singing as if Bright was in the room, then opens his eyes eagerly. But nothing happens.)

Noble: (lost tone)

(Bright is nowhere to be found. Instead he’s found in a place he’s never seen before. A de-solution of life so desolate life itself cannot meditate on the idea of existing there.)

Noble: (cornered tone)
I don’t recognize this place at all. I think I would remember if I’d been here before.

(Feeling completely lost an inescapably worried he is doomed to this new plateau he hurriedly thinks of something else while strumming his guitar in hand in an awkward standing position with no guitar strap and once again just like before with no problem finds himself right back where he once was at the house in the beginning. Now this is completely strange to him at this point because he could see his friends, he could see his house, but when he tried to see his wife, she was nowhere to be seen.)

(brief walk around, Noble transported again. “graphics”)

(As he’s sitting there in the family room of his mother-in-law’s he over hears the television sharing breaking news of his death. Fairagin hears and turns up the TV. She is immediately overcome with sadness that appears like fear to Ali who starts crying.)

Fairagin: (warm tone)
It’s okay Ali, shhh, don’t you worry,…
your daddy is going to be with you in heaven, he’s going to watch out for you all the time.
(Now we fast forward eighteen years into the future at around the time when Noble’s daughter is a grown up graduated from high school and living on her own. She’s speeding around a turn and a guy yells at her to slow down. She smiles and waves at the guy and keeps driving away.)

Ali: (mocking tone)
(to herself) I have so many fans.

Guy in the street: (shouting tone)
Slow Down! You’re going to kill someone one day if you don’t slow down.

Ali: (teen tone)
(to herself) not likely.

(She pulls into the driveway of her house)

Bright: (scolding tone)
I saw you out there. You need to slow down Ali, you’re driving like a crazy person.

Ali: (organized tone)
I’m fine mom. don’t worry about it.

Bright: (orderly tone)
I’ve written down where I’m staying and I put some stuff in the fridge for you if you need anything call me, you know the drill, I’ll be gone for two nights this time.

Ali: (impersonal tone)
ya whatever. I’m going out with my friends so I don’t need to eat your disgusting food. You’re a terrible cook you know.

(Plops onto the couch laying on her back casually reading a fashion magazine. Noble walks into the room from the front yard.)

Noble: (snarky tone)
Your mom always was a terrible cook.

Ali: (trusting tone)
I know.

Bright: (paste tone)
I didn’t say anything. Are you on your cell phone? If you leave I know it’s a weekend and I won’t be here but try not to stay out too late and no boys in the house.

Noble: (resolute tone)
Your mom, she loves to escape. She knows I can’t see her without you.

Ali: (hollering tone)
Why does it matter mom? Bye.

(Ali spins off the couch and rushes to her room where she talks on the phone about something with some other girl. She hangs up the phone and reaches for an old beat up acoustic guitar. She just kind of strums the guitar for a moment with a reminiscent look on her face.)

(Bright peaks her head into the room as she’s getting ready to leave putting on a dress.)

Bright: (friendly tone)
That was your father’s favorite, he wrote most of his hits on that sole guitar. They tried to tell me to sell it after what happened to him but I couldn’t because it meant too much to me. It’s the only thing he cared about more than me.

Ali: (whiny tone)
This story again, I know mom. I have to worry about more important things like what college I’m going to get into and if there are any parties this weekend.

Bright: (secret tone)
A few years ago a guy implied I could make a small fortune off of that guitar if I put it up for auction. Enough to pay for this whole house. All of your fathers power probably resides with that guitar, everything he was came from that one instrument. When he was your age he was flunking school. I’ll bet that even in death he would never let that guitar go, it’s all he ever cared about, other than you.

(Ali looking annoyed and blushing at the same time, she puts the guitar back on the stand near her bed where it was when she came in her room.)

(Noble picks up the guitar, the one thing in the natural world he can touch and hold and starts playing one of his songs he wrote about his daughter.)

Ali: (division tone)
Sometimes when I’m sleeping I feel like he’s playing for me.

Bright: (sore tone)
I use to get to hear him play maybe I took it for granted. I made a lot of mistakes when I was younger that I regret, but I’m making up for them now.

Ali: (admiring tone)
I could never be like him.

Bright: (insufficient tone)
He was one of a kind.

Ali: (corny tone)
There are still kids my age that come up to me sometimes in school and tell me how much my dad’s music means to them, it’s so weird, because his music is as old as I am and I barely even listen to his music.

Bright: (correlative tone)
Actually a couple years older. Maybe they need his music more than you do.

If I were you I would think that was pretty cool.

Are you sure you don’t want to go with me to this 20th anniversary party for the release of the Wandermind record? Dove and Joans are going to be there, their like your uncles. They would love to see you. I’m sure there will be lots of musicians and everybody there too.

Ali: (timid tone)
There’s going to be so many famous people there, I wouldn’t know how to talk. I can’t even talk to boys at school without dad coming up in the conversation.

Bright: (guarded tone)
What are you talking about? You’ve been around those people.

Ali: (insistent tone)
It’s not the same, it’s about Dad, everyone is going to want to talk to me the whole time. What if it gets weird? what if I start to cry after someone tells me something about dad that I never knew before? I can see those guys another time. I’ll be fine, you go, it’s about celebrating the past, I wasn’t even born yet.

(In the very last scene Ali is shown in her room queuing up the Wandermind record to track one on a record player, there is an overlapping of her room like a transparent filter and in the background fading into the foreground is the 20th anniversary party with Dove and Joans on stage ready to play in remembrance. Both scenes split apart and both views are present. As the record begins playing Joans and Dove are playing with the two scenes queued up in synchronization. The music keeps playing and the end movie credits roll over the screen with Ali sitting in her room with headphones on listening to Noble’s band’s record Wandermind and Joans and Dove playing for all the people at the party while Noble performs the guitar part inside his daughters room in sequence with the song.)



Written by………………………………..Clayton Levi Brown




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